Plug-ins for Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI will soon be available to all

Today, Microsoft’s Bing GPT-4 chatbot is available to everyone without a waitlist. You can now access the open preview version powered by GPT-4 by signing in to the new Bing or Edge using your Microsoft account. Additionally, Microsoft is significantly upgrading Bing Chat with numerous new features and plug-in support.

Microsoft tried removing the waitlist for its new Bing Chat feature for nearly two months before launching this open preview. In February, Microsoft released the chatbot as a private preview, and since then, it has been gradually made available to the public.

Bing Chat will soon get support for plug-ins, image and video results, the brand-new Bing and Edge Actions feature, persistent chat and history, and other smart features from Microsoft. The module backing will be the vital expansion for engineers and for the eventual fate of Bing Talk.

Microsoft is working with OpenTable to empower its module for finishing eatery appointments inside Bing Visit and WolframAlpha for producing representations. Microsoft will share significantly more at its Construct gathering in the not so distant future, where we ought to get a superior gander at how engineers will truly expand this chatbot like OpenAI did with ChatGPT in Spring.

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