Pompano Beach Roofing Experts Now Offer Free Roof Replacement Estimates

Now that Q3 has started, the Pompano Beach Roofing Experts can report positive growth from Q1 of 2022 to Q2. By offering free and comprehensive roof replacement quotes, the Pompano Beach Roofing Experts have seen a decent-sized increase in the amount of inbound business.

Many homeowners are unaware of what is needed to fix the roofing issue they’re experiencing. Often homeowners will believe that the roofing problem they have can be resolved via a simple roof repair; however, in many cases, the damage is far more extensive and will require the homeowner to get the roof replaced.

The four main checkpoints when the Pompano Beach Roofing Experts review a roof to see if a roof replacement is needed are: first examining the materials used, second evaluating the quality of the initial install, third is to review how many hurricanes the roof has endured, and the final point is to find out how old the roof is.

Poor materials with high-quality craftsmanship can extend a roof’s life; alternatively, excellent materials with poor craftsmanship can doom the roof right from the start. The destructive nature of hurricanes means that any given one can be devastating for a roof, so a roof with numerous encounters may be close to shot. And of course, there is the natural lifespan of a roof; if the roof is in poor shape and very old, it would be wise to not waste money on repairing it but rather to get a quote for a replacement.

Abe had this to say about getting a new roof, “It can be complicated to evaluate the state of a roof at times, but sticking to our evaluation process always brings us to the correct choice. For example, many new Floridian homeowners seek tile or metal roof replacements rather than shingle roofing. We will provide homeowners with price points in our estimates for all the roofing materials so they can truly see what they want to do.”

The Pompano Beach Roofing Experts serve all of Broward County; for homeowners looking to get a new roof replacement in Pompano Beach or the surrounding area, be sure to contact them today for a free estimate and proposal.

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