New Skin-Softening Organic Scented Bath Crystals With Epsom Salts Launched

Like all the store’s products, their new bath crystals are made exclusively from organic floral and herbal components and are richly scented with essential oils. Each of their handcrafted and hand-blended bath crystals is unique, offering users a different fragrant scent and spiritual self-care purpose. Parlour of Wonders recommends them for both physical and mental relaxation.

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The launch of their new bath crystals collection coincides with a recent report from Cleveland Clinic. The popular US medical advice institution showcased recent research that indicated that taking regular baths improves mental and emotional health, soothes muscles and joints and improves skin quality, helping to fight wounds, inflammation and irritation.

However, in order to maximize the holistic health benefits of a bath, it is essential to choose the right products and create the right atmosphere for genuine bodily restoration.

As such, Parlour of Wonders crafts its bath crystals with Epsom salts, an active ingredient that is proven to relax muscles and relieve pain. They also use other natural ingredients that are known to help soothe the skin and enhance its natural beauty.

Whether bathers are looking for a combination of natural ingredients that will calm, cleanse, or reinvigorate their body, mind, and soul, the store has options. Parlour of Wonders blends each one of their bath salts with the intention that they will help users to attain a feeling of energetic purification and inner peace and tranquillity.

More specifically, customers can select from blends like their High Creativity bath crystals. This fragrant option balances sage, which is associated with creative thinking, and celery seed essential oil, which is popularly used to open up psychic awareness. Alternately, customers may enjoy options like their Abundant Prosperity crystals. This blend uses chamomile and allspice essential oil to help users manifest abundance in all facets of their life.

All of their crystals come in one, three and seven-bath size options.

Parlour of Wonders is the online home of Madame Pamita, a popular spiritual wellness advocate and author. The store is passionate about providing powerful, natural, US-made self-care products.

A spokesperson for the online store said, “Spiritual bath crystals are an old magical tool for cleansing the self, clearing the environment and bringing in better conditions. Try ours out and you’ll see the difference–these bath crystals are powerful and extremely effective tools for improving your spiritual health.”

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