Junior welterweights Jose Ramirez, Josh Taylor trade verbal hits in the wake of obtaining weight

After Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor stepped on the scales, they gave a taste of what to expect in Saturday’s gigantic title battle.
The two men held their individual belts and did a lot of jawing after the two contenders successfully made weight for the undisputed junior welterweight session at the Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas. Each man weighed 139.6 pounds, which was serenely under the division’s 140-pound limit.
In the go head to head after the say something, Taylor (17-0, 13 KOs) had some harsh words for Ramirez (26-0, 17 KOs).
Consistent with his battling style, Ramirez didn’t avoid a showdown. He replied back and flapped his left hand together to imitate a talking mouth while Taylor walked off the stage.
It wasn’t the first time Taylor had something to say to Ramirez this week. Toward the finish of Thursday’s news conference, Taylor additionally threw some verbal jabs that Ramirez disregarded cheerfully. Taylor is ranked No. 1 in ESPN’s junior welterweight rankings, while Ramirez is second. Taylor and Ramirez each hold two of the four significant belts in the division.

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