NBA hits Buddy Hield with a tumbling notice, however he’s divertingly holding his ground

The NBA authoritatively cautioned Buddy Hield after he obviously tumbled in the Sacramento Kings’ 123-119 misfortune to the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday night.

Hield, however, is divertingly holding fast.

The class tweeted out the clasp of the episode from the game on Friday evening, reporting Hield’s admonition for abusing the counter slumping rule.

Hield tumbled during a free toss at the Moda Center after Portland monitor Carmelo Anthony bumped him behind the 3-point line. Subsequent to watching the numerous points the class appeared, there is definitely no explanation Hield couldn’t have remained on his feet.

The tumbling cautioning, clearly, was justified.

Hield, notwithstanding, isn’t assuming the fault. He was pushed, and is unyielding about that reality.

In fact, he’s not off-base.

However it’s still impossible official Adam Silver will see it his way.

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