How to write better lyrics through these five steps

Writing good lyrics is a demanding craft to master; the thing that makes writing lyrics hard is the ever-changing trends. That is why a lyricist has to be a person with a brilliant mind so that when it comes to writing songs, they should have enough command over the craft to follow the footsteps of the legends of the past. To become a good lyricist, you have to start somewhere. That is why it is good to study and practice a lot.

To write best lyrics that are better than before, here are the five steps you have to follow;

  1. Read and write poetry

To master the art of lyric writing, you should always read poetry. The reason for that is poetry is considered the common point between lyricism and prose, and if you are an avid leader, it may help you become the finest – and perhaps more thoughtful – lyricist. Studying different types of poetry and learning about various kinds of poems, typical schemes, and rhyming schemes would be best.

  1. Be consistent in having a signature theme

Several musicians have made signature themes for themselves on which they make their music; there can be numerous themes, from joy to love, friendship, and the darkness of grief from which you can choose. To have your signature theme in music speaks, see what kind of music you listen to most – does the music you listen to have themes of love bright, pop lyrics, or the elements of goth or metal lyrics?

The song lyrics that resonate with you the most know that they are the sort of lyrics you will be good at writing. In the beginning, you have to experiment with different themes and styles, analyze what you like best, and then make it your music.

  1. Never repeat yourself

While your theme will be used in your lyrical work, there are times when you will use several themes, however never repeat yourself in your lyrics. Be it in making individual songs or your work style, avoid repeating yourself. Repeating yourself will only bore your listeners, so avoid it.

A good lyricist always makes songs capable of impacting the listener, through music and lyrics, by creating a mental or emotional response. You will improve if you consistently practice your lyrical work and make the needed changes.

  1. Never try to jump into bandwagons

A true lyricist with good command over his craft knows to avoid doing anything everyone else is doing. They know how to put a distinct spin on a song through different ways of expressing ideas. In the start, you will face difficulties in writing lyrics that don’t match the modern tunes or will make you sound like your favorite artist or poet, but with practice, you will get better.

  1. Get a degree

The best way to refine your craft of writing good lyrics is to enroll in a music school where you may learn more exciting ways to express yourself through lyrics. If you are a high school graduate, get into a college degree program where you can learn a thing or two about music.

Many musicians have gotten some degree of understanding of the art of writing lyrics better. For example, Brilyent Kelly, a performer, singer, and composer, gives his best in writing lyrics and gets his Associate Degree in Music.

From there, Kelly becomes even more capable of writing original songs, boosting his fame. He develops beats and melodies, writes songs, and works as an audio engineer. His well-known work has led to collaborations with celebrities such as Pastor Troy, Beanie Sigel, Mr. Cheeks, and Slip n Slide Records. He is the ideal person to emulate since he is the star of songwriting, and his work is flawless. All his compositions have a distinct point of view, and the words may speak directly to the listener, creating a personal bond. You may find genuine learning advice by following him on Instagram. Let your imagination run wild and adapt to it to make your song a masterpiece.

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