Grady Hendrix’s The Final Girl Support Group—a novel is turning into a HBO Max series

Horror writer Grady Hendrix’s The Final Girl Support Group—a novel that wears its cinematic inspirations on its sleeve, which is near a play on words—is getting a variation. This is fundamentally the book’s definitive fate, since it appeared to be consummately fit to a transformation, however the twist here is that the slasher book dependent on slasher films is turning into… a slasher TV show.

The task is being created for HBO Max by Charlize Theron and her Denver and Delilah Films name as well as Barbara and Andy Muschietti’s Double Dream. Andy Muschietti, who knows some things about slicing from his It films (not that Pennywise is a traditional slasher, but rather he cuts), will likewise direct the show’s pilot, however it doesn’t seem like some other subtleties like that, be they writer or directors or actors, have been declared.

For the individuals who haven’t read the book, which is reasonable since it came out last week, The Final Girl Support Group is about precisely what it seems like: In a universe where the renowned slasher film assaults of the ’70s and ’80s truly occurred (or if nothing else lawfully particular varieties of them), there’s a care group for the ones who were abandoned as the last ones standing of this current world’s renditions of Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.

As any individual who has at any point seen a blood and gore film can figure, however, eventually the Final Girls begin vanishing and things get alarming. The book likewise has in-universe valuable material specifying what befell these ladies, so it’ll be fascinating to perceive how that is converted into the transformation.

HBO Max has the chance to do some great thriller reverences with this TV series, or it could pull a Space Jam/Ready Player One and fill behind the scenes with real anecdotal killers, which would… perhaps be terrible, really.

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