Eyes on “Dune 2” Push to 2024; (EXCLUSIVE) Warner Bros. Considers Adding Dates to “Color Purple” and “Aquaman 2”

The spin-off of Denis Villeneuve’s science fiction epic “Rise” might be riding a sandworm the whole way to 2024.

Three people with knowledge of discussions told Variety that Warner Bros. Film Group is strongly considering moving the Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya tentpole from its current Nov. 3 slot to next year. This comes amid two contentious labor strikes in Hollywood. According to one insider, the film is a co-production with Legendary Entertainment, so a new release date must be agreed upon by both parties. They added that WB has not yet approached Legendary about a move. According to a different source who is familiar with Warner Bros., the releases are proceeding as planned and there have been no formal discussions; however, the duration of the labor disputes is completely improbable.

Representatives for Warner Brothers. furthermore, Unbelievable Diversion declined to remark regarding this situation.

Moreover, Warner Brothers. is evaluating possible new dates for the expected film melodic “Purple,” which considers Oprah Winfrey a maker, as well as the DC Studios continuation “Aquaman and The Lost Realm,” sources said. The conceivable date rearranging comes as the aftereffect of striking associations Hang AFTRA and the Journalists Society of America, at battle with the entertainment biz makers for new agreements.

A film like “Ridge 2” would benefit significantly from the support of everything star cast — which additionally incorporates Austin Head servant, Florence Pugh, Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin — and current association limitations say those entertainers can’t advance past or future work made and delivered by struck organizations.

That Warners could be looking forward demonstrates that the studio isn’t certain either organization strike will be settled by the mid-fall. ” Purple” and the “Aquaman” continuation are by and by dated for Dec. 20 and Dec. 25, individually. One player in the industry pointed out that a successful awards campaign would be necessary for a title like “Color Purple.” Lobbies for the Foundation Grants and the Brilliant Globes could be hampered by a delayed strike.

Warner Brothers. is most likely not by any means the only studio around evaluating the delivery schedule. Significant movies in a similar hallway as the “Ridge” spin-off incorporate Disney’s “The Wonders” on Nov. 10 and Lionsgate’s establishment reboot “The Yearning Games: The Ditty of Larks and Snakes” on Nov. 17. Sony’s Columbia Pictures mark is likewise set to take the Apple Studios film “Napoleon” to theaters on Nov. 22, coordinated by Ridley Scott and featuring Joaquin Phoenix.

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