Freddy4x interview by 42 dugg DJ official DJ

Freddy4x sit down with Flex Live, better know as 42 dugg DJ. Freddy4x has been on the rise increasing his brand by opening up for big artists like YK Osiris, snap dogg, and damdot. Last summer Freddy4x set down with Flex live and spoke about his passion for music and everyday lifestyle in Detroit Michigan. Freddy4x talks about how he mix and produce his own music how he never actually paid for a studio session, but plan to work with studios throughout Detroit.

Freddy4x delivers a powerful message saying ( no matter what you do you can be doing good or bad, somebody’s always going to have something to say about you)

Freddy also talks about how he plan on releasing his first album the beginning of 2023.

You can follow Freddy4x on social media below.

Instagram: Freddy4x_

Twitter: Freddy4x_

YouTube: Freddy4x

Link below to music video gta 6

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