Elisabeth Hoekstra Is Ready with Her New Book “The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness”

Elisabeth Hoekstra is versatile. She is unstoppable. Her talents and skills have helped her scale so many new heights in her glorious career. Now, she is ready with her latest gem, a new book, ‘The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness.’

Elisabeth got a big break as a teenage model and entertainer. But she was destined to achieve a lot more in her life. A few years later, she was anointed as the Director of Operations at 4biddenknowledge Inc. 

“I don’t believe there is any shortcut to success. Only with your hard work, passion, and commitment, you can accomplish your goal. In my case, I never stopped learning. And the other thing that I am innately passionate about is helping people around us. My latest book The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness is a one-of-its-kind self-help book, which will help readers gauge their capabilities and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect in this work. Everyone has their strengths and flaws; if my book helps my readers recognize their talents and inspire them to do more in life, it will be a personal achievement for me,” Elisabeth Hoekstra stated.

Elisabeth has always strived towards improving the quality of life of the people through her work and decisions. She believed in making positive impacts in the lives of people with a special focus on marginalized communities. 

As an active student in school, she always took a keen interest in philanthropy. Once she got an opportunity to travel to Matamoros, Mexico, and there she helped many children in the orphanages. And the distressing visuals of helpless children at orphanages completely transformed her forever.  

Later on, she also volunteered for Communities in Schools and helped several poor children with necessary books, bags, stationery items, and tutoring assistance. 

She also worked as a baker for quite some time. Making the best out of her job profile, she participated in a charity event, ‘Breaking Brunch at Bricks’ the sale proceeds from the same directly went to Angels of Hope, an organization that supports families suffering due to childhood cancers. 

Fast forward to now; Elisabeth Hoekstra is an inspiring person and a powerhouse of talents, which she manifested throughout her professional journey. She is the co-host of the popular podcast show Bio-Hack Your Best Life with Billy Carson, the President, and CEO of 4biddenknowledge Inc.

“I am happy that my podcast is helping people. It aims at offering holistic-based wellness solutions to people who are suffering because of work-life imbalance or stress. I include new research and case studies on the show to make people aware of the importance of holistic development around us,” Elisabeth Hoekstra claimed. 

Right now, she is focusing on taboo topics like mental health and illness. She wanted to make people aware of mental illness and why it’s necessary to recognize the same. And this is what inspired her to write a new book, ‘The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness.’

Ms. Hoekstra went through a tremendous amount of hardship in her life. As an immigrant-adopted child, she didn’t have the luxury that other children of their age enjoyed. Hoekstra’s past life and trauma made her depressed and livid. Not only this, she had to even face sexual abuse at a young age too, which made her past memory even more upsetting. 

However, Ms Hoekstra knew that with the power of education and knowledge, she could change the world. 

But over the past decade, Ms Hoekstra has never missed out on an opportunity to learn something new. She spent a lot of time studying and analyzing various things, including holistic wellness, biohacking, trauma resolution, mental illness, various case studies, and relevant research reports. 

In her upcoming book, The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness, she not only revealed the untold traumas, which Elisabeth has successfully overcome in her life, but also viable solutions for the sufferers to become victors. 

Elisabeth believes educating people is the only way to make them conscious of their mental health and physical wellness. The book is likely to work as a guiding light by providing the necessary framework for readers to start taking things into their control. 

You can buy “The recipe to elevated consciousness” online from February 14th onwards directly from 4biddenknowledge.

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