The Last Of Us Part II Release Date Officially Revealed

Are you a fan of the game The Last of Us? Are you anxiously y waiting for The Last of Us Part II? The wait is over. The developers of the game revealed the release date of this awaiting game. They also presented the third and final trailer of the game at the event of Play Station State of Play Stream.

The Last of Us game part I was released six years ago on June 2013. Now the second part of the game is also ready for the release. It is coming out in 2020. We have everything you want to know about this game. You must have a lot of questions in your mind. We have answered the relevant ones. You’ll get to learn what to expect from the game.

Will Joel be seen in The Last of Us Part II?

For long we could not see the appearance of Joel in any of the trailers of The Last of Us Part II. The original game had a dramatic finish which gave us a possibility that Joel and Ellie might be eliminated from the next part. However, it is quite clear from the final trailer that both these characters will have a part to play in the game. They are both playable characters in the game.

The developers of the game have been tight-lipped about what they have in store for us. They have not yet revealed what to expect from the game. They are keeping the story undercover before the release of the game. However, fans can get a relieve to know that their favorite characters of the game will be the part of it.

Who will be the enemies?

Seraphites will play a major role in being the enemies of Jole and Ellie. They are a group of religious fanatics, They have strong communication skills and coordinate with whistles with each other. They know how to be super deadly to their enemies.  So you have to be prepared to fight with them.

Naughty Dog does not want to tell you much about the game. But they have pretty much given you a hint about what to expect from the game.

When will The Last of Us 2 release?

The official release date of The Last Of Us 2 has been announced by Sony. It is going to be coming out on February 21, 2020.

Naughty Dog gave away the final trailer of the game during the presentation of the State of Play. Joel is also a part of it.

The developers of the game initially announced in 2018 that the multi-player mode would be a part of the game. However, they have not revealed that the game does not support this mode. They focus on giving you an impressive single-player game. The 1st part of the game had a multiplayer mode.

There is plenty of action in the game. You’d definitely enjoy playing the new version of the game. To have an idea about what the game is going be, you can watch its trailer online.


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