Dr. Aman Dhaliwal PT, DPT, explains the science behind her product Solex and its benefits.

Dr. Aman Dhaliwal PT, DPT, has found her way in life. And that is through physical therapy and being a posture corrector. Dr. Dhaliwal, one of the most renowned physicians in the US, designed Solex, a posture roller based on patients’ needs. The product assists in correcting hunchback issues; and helps people to be active and have a healthy back the easy way. The Solex Posture Roller is a new foam roller that active people will never break up with. It is a first-of-its-kind foam roller that a healthy body will love. In terms of the benefits of Solex, the correct way to pose this question is to understand the following concepts surrounding the spine.

The spine distributes the body’s pressure evenly and has enough curvature to support the body in a standing or sitting position without overstressing the nervous system. It further enhances the optimal functioning of all other systems. The most important function of the spine is to protect the spinal cord, which is the nerve supply for the entire body, originating in the brain. Along with this major function, others include supporting the mass of the body, withstanding external forces, and allowing for mobility and flexibility while dissipating energy and protecting against impact. The spine is connected to the muscles and ligaments of the trunk for postural control and spinal stability.

With disc degeneration comes a lack of support and stability of the spine due to the decreasing biomechanical functions of the intervertebral disc. A solution to this problem is physical or functional therapy. The benefits of which include increased strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Improving motion in a joint is one of the optimal ways to relieve pain. This can be accomplished by stretching and flexibility exercises which improve mobility in the joints and muscles of the spine and extremities. The next step is increasing strength with workouts for the trunk muscles, providing greater support for the spinal joints, arm and leg muscles, reducing the workload required by the spinal joints.

The spine is the foundation of the whole body and impacts movement, posture, breathing, and gut position. It gives us flexibility while holding the weight of our heads. The spine follows the head position and re-aligns itself to accommodate it. Good posture is the first step to good spinal health. And it needs to function properly. The body’s natural weight distribution and muscle pull are pretty self-regulatory and keep the curves in shape. However, it is also programmed to adjust to the environment. This is why repeated mechanically inefficient movement patterns and prolonged device use cause changes in the spinal structure and muscle imbalance.

Learn the right techniques to maintain spine health through a healthier lifestyle. This requires conscious effort at all times. Keeping the correct posture is very important for practice. Solex alleviates symptoms by addressing the root of the problem, which is the misalignment and poor kinesthetic sense of the spine. Therefore, with daily use, Solex allows us to preserve and re-align with our memory of healthy spinal curves, and therefore, with daily use, it can provide us with all the benefits of a healthy neutral spine. Solex can be used to correct posture, relieve pain, and ensure neutral spinal alignment with exercise. Dr. Dhaliwal has studied the problem through, and the solution is with us, available for all.



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