Before you Visit Maldives, let’s walk you through the other side of Maldives with Romeer Sen

Now that the travel season is nearing let’s walk you through the other side of a popular travel destination with noted travel influencer Romeer Sen.

The travel season is nearing, COVID is no longer restricting travel freaks to carry on with their expeditions, just imagine a starry night and call from the shooting stars! Sounding like a dream, isn’t it? so are the shooting stars. A shooting star is nothing a small, rapidly moving meteor burning up on entering the earth’s atmosphere. But most of us have been trained to pray when we see a shooting stat from our childhood. To make our belief stronger movies from Bollywood and Hollywood confirmed that prayers work.Shooting stars, or meteors, are basically caused by tiny specks of dust from space. These particles burn up 65 to 135 km above Earth’s surface as they plunge at terrific speeds into the upper atmosphere, making the air glow as they pass. We’ll, this is not a science article infact, we’ll talk about the other side of very popular travel destination that reminds us of the blue sea, floating breakfast, exotic beach, pre-wedding shoots, honeymoon trips and our celebrities donning their beach wear flaunting their beach body. Yes we’re talking about Maldives let’s walk you through the other side of Maldives noted Travel Influencer Romeer Sen.

Romeer has travelled 33 countries already.Romeer Visited Maldives to attend a Destination wedding. There began the expedition. Romeer befriends Photographer Asad Ibrahim who was hired by the bride’s side and both were on the same page, exploring the Maldives no one talks about. The Maldives, officially The Republic of Maldives, is a small island nation in South Asia, located in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India, about 1,000 kilometres from the Asian continent and is a spread over of 200 Islands with over 132 resorts to enjoy. The wedding took place in Eriyadu. Eriyadu happens to be a perfect island for scuba diving. Euro-Divers at Eriyadu offers a full range of PADI diving courses, there are activates for all levels, from snorkeling to new divers and up to experienced level. “This was my first time scuba diving and i was very very excited. Euro Divers suggested to enjoy the house reef around Eriyadu which is simply breathtaking and offers a nice variety of marine life with over 350 different species of fish.” Added Romeer. Romeer decided to explore the house reef with a dive buddy. The house reef exploration took nearly three hours with some training session in the beginning. Romeer also added “I can’t express in words how I felt because it is not to be told but to be experienced yourself.” It was just the beginning of surrealism happening. Romeer and Asad’s friendship by then already gave hint to both that they were on the same page that said ‘ explore more ‘.

After the wedding party Romeer and Asad managed to reach the beach by 2:45am and by the time the clock ticked 3, Romeer Sen conveys 

“when I was walking towards the beach it was an unforgettable scene, the beach is lit up with the moonlight and there are stars so bright and shining. Asad said, ‘Look at the top Romeer, that is the milky way and that can be seen through naked eyes, ‘ I was simply mesmerized” . Romeer and Asad had to wait for some time as there are clouds . They had to wait till 4 am for the clouds to get cleared. And there the duo got the green signal from mother nature and the clouds left for the clean clear sky.

The shot was  positioned within lots of planning a chair was positioned close to the edge of the sea but not to close enough, the photographer dug up a place to put his one phone with the camera torch through which light would create a shadow of Romeer’s body and then he set his camera on his tripod and the show began with the clicks.It took 10mins. Even though Asad said Romeer was lucky, it took Romeer a few more such expeditions to understand that until it’s mother nature’s will getting to witness such a scenic view and managing to capture those moments can happen with luck favouring you. 

It is Rightly said a person meet some person for a reason. And Romeer certainly met Asad for witnessing the Maldives no one talks about. After completing the starry night shoot the ‘pack up’ thing of two creative souls happened at around 4:45. Asad suggested Morning Maldives views to Romeer and Romeer’s happiness knew know bound as he had developed full trust on calibre and vision of his photographer buddy. 

As Romeer and Asad completed their Dawn time coffee the sky was beginning to change colors and that was a heavenly view. Romeer and Asad didn’t waste time and started capturing the transition moment. The canvas of night sky getting brighter layer by layer with rays of sun was heavenly some of Romeer’s pictures captured by Asad gives estimation of the beauty of that particular moment.

So if you are planning to visit Maldives for your next vacation Euro diving ,starry nights, Maldivian morning should exist in your bucket list. Romeer Sen is active on all social networks specially Instagram following him and reading his blog might make you plan your expedition better.  

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