Chermside Residential Plumbing | Blocked & Clogged Drain Cleaning Service Update

The company, based on the Northside Brisbane, now offers comprehensive 24/7 residential plumbing services for routine maintenance, installations and emergency care – including burst water and sewage pipes, as well as gas leaks.

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Plumbaround Pty, a member of the Master Plumber’s Association of Queensland, now also provides services for blocked drains, employing a drain camera to evaluate the damage and determine what caused the blocked drain. Having access to video evidence of the issue enables the firm’s technicians to propose an effective, long-term preventative solution for the obstruction – it also serves to reassure customers that the problem is understood and can be addressed accordingly.

A study last year conducted by QBE Insurance Australia concluded that nearly 25% of homeowner claims in the country were related to plumbing issues – specifically, water damage. Burst or blocked pipes make up almost 50% of the claims. Clogged drains and overflowing fixtures – baths, sinks, and showers – combined to account for nearly 30% of the reported problems. The study further indicated that homeowners are often unaware of what preventative measures they can take, while another 20% of survey respondents were unable to identify the location of their water main – or how to turn it off.

Plumbaround Pty provides service and repair for all brands of hot water systems and can perform all necessary gas fitting tasks – from leak repairs to piping upgrades. Residential services for leaking taps, appliance installation, and routine maintenance can be performed on an as-needed or scheduled basis.

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Drain blockages – including sewer and stormwater – and burst pipes are more urgent matters that can be attended to on short notice. Once the source of clogging has been identified and measures are taken to prevent recurrent blockages, the company’s hydro-jetting tools will typically solve the immediate problem.

One recent customer commented: “Big thanks to the contractor and staff at Plumaround. We won’t be using another plumber from here out. The tradesman who attended to our job was on time, very informative and more helpful than previous plumbers we have enlisted. The cost was reasonable and that is so hard to find these days.”

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