Naomi Osaka calls out her sister for being strange after winning over Serena Williams at the Australian Open

Naomi Osaka demonstrated as much Wednesday, utilizing her success over Serena Williams at the Australian Open to humiliate her sister on national TV.

In the wake of meeting with Williams in the court, Osaka walked over and composed a message on a camera under the steady gaze of leaving the court. It was a lengthy message. Is it accurate to say that she was composing an ardent note to Williams? Shouldn’t something be said about an urging message to youthful tennis players all around the world?

Probably not. Osaka took the opportunity to disclose to her sister Mari to quit being bizarre.

The whole message read: “Mari, stop sending weird images in the groupchat!”

Apologies, Mari, presently everybody believes you’re a weirdo. Try not to send unusual pictures to your sister who can speak with a huge number of individuals at whatever point she wants.

Naomi Osaka proceeding onward to Australian Open final

With the success, Osaka will have another chance to ridicule her sister soon. Osaka will proceed onward to the Australian Open final, which will occur Saturday. She’ll take on Jennifer Brady.

Osaka — who came into the dark as the No. 3 ranked women’s singles player — will be the top pick over Brady — who positioned 22nd among women’s singles players.

On the off chance that she wins, Osaka would bring home her fourth grand slam victory. Brady has never won a grand slam event.

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