Leadogo propels new effect-focused web series ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’

Leadogo Inc., a Kingston, Ont. based association, has reported that it will launch a new Web Series called Old Dog, New Tricks under its Impact Circle segment.

The local company focuses on inspiring personal development, the service and support of others, as well as organizational and societal change through its exceptional accelerator programs and its technology platform. Leadogo’s Impact Circles are online coalitions that unite individuals around a common purpose or cause. Their expectation is to catalyze change for the planet/environment, quality of life across the globe, improvements to the economy/opportunity, and sustainability for the future.

Old Dog, New Tricks is a free, interactive series that champions living an authentic life and helping other people. Leadogo CEO Matt Hawksley is the host. After living the corporate life for over 20 years behind a desk, and remembering it didn’t permit him to live the life he was put here to live, he decided to break free. This series is about genuinely walking the walk and perceiving that it is never past the point where it is possible to begin having an effect.

In each series, a particular challenge is set and accepted; a physical, mental, cerebral, or creative quest that leads Hawksley, alongside Impact Circle members, to important exercises.

Each challenge is inspired by a cause or charity. Individuals and stories behind the mission are detailed and explored, and Old Dog, New Tricks fills in as a conductor to bringing issues to light, cash, or potentially moving activity around the reason.

The series gives both live stream and documentary-style episodes separating each part of the interaction.

“Old Dog, New Tricks is a way to bring adventure, service, and purpose together for us all. We can accomplish so much when we help each other and put our focus on doing good,” said Hawksley.

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