Around the world with Michelangelo Azzariti

Michelangelo, 29 years old from Puglia, tells us about his emotions while traveling the world; let’s get to know him better through our questions.

Who is Michelangelo? Describe yourself with 3 “travel” adjectives

Hi, my name is Michelangelo, my passion for travel and photography have led me to excellent results thanks to Instagram collaborating with numerous companies in the travel sector. 3 adjectives to describe me? CURIOUS, TESTARD AND CRAZY.

Sea or mountain?


Hotel or tent under the stars?

Both. It depends on the context and experience, but I tried them both!

Plane, car or train?

Plane. It is an integral part of the journey and accompanies the adrenaline of the departure and the melancholy of the return.

Traveling with friends or alone?

Many of my trips I prefer to do alone. I have no timetables, I have no restrictions, I have nothing, it’s just me and I really like this thing. But I spend some of my travels with my best friends.

The trip you will never forget and why?

I always say it, who knows me knows it very well. The trip of my heart was in Kenya. A journey full of contrasting emotions: I can never forget the eyes and the smile of the children who unfortunately don’t have a future.

What can not be missing in your baggage?

Camera, Macbook, drone Your next destination? In May I will return to Egypt to take a 360 ° tour to discover the Pyramids of Giza and Egyptian history that fascinates me a lot.

And your absolute favorite place?

My home, Puglia: I can travel around the world for months but my region is a land that is impossible not to love.

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