Jacob Elordi truly immerses himself in his job as “Saturday Night Live” host in a recent promotional video

In a new teaser for this weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” Jacob Elordi is taking a step—and a slight tumble—ahead of his hosting debut.

The “Euphoria” singer struggles with stage fright in a video that was uploaded to the popular sketch show’s X page on Wednesday. He can be seen trying to practice walking down the steps on the “SNL” stage with the same perfect accuracy that previous presenters Kim Kardashian and Zac Efron showed off.

As he stands at the top of the three-step staircase in Studio 8H, nervously stating, “They all make it look so easy,” cast members Punkie Johnson and Marcello Hernandez approach the apprehensive host-in-waiting to offer him some support.

When Elordi does eventually take that step—after numerous hilariously clumsy attempts—he falls flat on the stage. (Or, at least, it seemed like he hit the mark.)

Then, Hernandez and Johnson can be seen escaping the scene while feigning indifference. With his body stretched out on the ground, Elordi raises his head slightly to declare, “I’m good!”

The first episode of “SNL” in 2024 will air in the near future. Elordi will host his first show with musical guest Reneé Rapp, who is also the star of the upcoming “Mean Girls” revival.

The popular drama “Euphoria” on HBO are the Elordi’s most well-known role. In addition to starring in Emerald Fennell’s R-rated thriller “Saltburn,” he most recently played Elvis Presely in Sofia Coppola’s “Priscilla.”

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