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Dr Muhammad Mohsin (Ex-Shaukat Khanum Pediatric Surgeon) Joins Alsa Pakistan

Lahore, Punjab Jul 7, 2022 ( – Digital dimensions are driving human life from goods and food to healthcare, especially after the advent of the Covid and the rapid acceleration of mobile devices. So converging medical care with digital connectivity from desktops to mobiles is the pressing priority of the moment. Statistics reveal that two-thirds or more of patients (globally) will be able to access healthcare through a digital front end by 2023. ALSA Pakistan is proud to enthusiastically share similar and better health-engaging endeavours worldwide to make such ultimate goals come true.

Busy life and unhealthy eating and physical habits have triggered severe obesity among humans, from children to adults, men to women. Not only in Pakistan, but it has become a significant public health concern globally. In fact, the Obesity epidemic is swathing the world dangerously fast, even more than under-nutrition. Even current 2022 statistics reveal the prediction of one billion people globally living with obesity by 2030, including 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men.

Surpassing the thresholds of obesity, overweight, and digestion conditions catalyze various kinds of health problems. For instance, they can be the risk factors for hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, arthritis, and even some cancers. So undermining such threatening conditions with weight loss surgery and other surgical care is the driving force behind ALSA (Advanced Lahore Surgi-Med Associates) Pakistan, founded in 2008 by Dr. Tahir Yonus.

Dr. Tahir Yonus

Dr. Tahir Yonus is a leading laparoscopic surgeon with a subspecialisation in laparoscopic gastrointestinal and bariatric surgery. Appropriating and qualifying from the prestigious medical institutes of Pakistan, USA, and Saudi Arabia, Dr. Tahir Yonus has maintained a successful history of more than 2000 general and 1000 bariatric surgeries endorsing the principles of medicine over the years and surgery.

ALSA Pakistan

ALSA aimed to bolster the invasive and non-invasive surgical treatment with intensive pre and post-operative care from bariatric and general to pediatric surgeries with a state-of-the-art facility and tech-savvy operative instruments in Pakistan and ex-pats at affordable costs since 2008. Also, distilling the long-run experience and the healthcare surveys, we ascertain the patient’s frustrations in seeking certified surgical help. So, we founded ALSA Pakistan under national and international medical standards and regulations for surgery, said the founder of ALSA Pakistan, Dr. Tahir Yonus.

In addition to acute diseases, obesity and medical conditions induce depression, anxiety, etc. Obese patients feel frustrated, angry, or upset at the comments towards them. A study asserts that adults with excess weight had a 55% higher risk of developing depression than their counterparts. So we strive to clean sweep such disorders and motivate and assist people to live healthy lives.

General and Advanced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery services at ALSA Pakistan include Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery, Metabolic Surgery, Roux-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery, and Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal Bypass (SADI) Surgery.

We also offer purposeful Weight Loss Surgery for the deadliest disease treatment. We offer Weight Loss Surgery for Cancer treatment, high BP treatment, Cardiovascular, Joint Pain, Fatty Liver treatment, etc. Other surgical treatments include Appendectomy, Cholecystectomy, Adrenalectomy, Splenectomy, hernia surgery, and Liposuction (Abdominoplasty and Body Sculpting).

At ALSA Pakistan, we don’t focus on victorious general, Bariatric, and laparoscopic surgeries only. Instead, our step-by-step guidance throughout the journey to maintain the patient’s fitness and health for a lifetime is what makes us unique, said Dr. Tahir Yonus. Furthermore, it stands to reason that many patients and conditions do not require surgery. So we have non-surgical treatments, including diet plans, Psychotherapy, and Pharmacotherapy to treat obesity.

Dr. Muhammad Mohsin (Ex-Shaukat Khanum Pediatric Surgeon) Joins Alsa Pakistan A research paper shows Two billion children worldwide lack access to safe surgical and anesthesia care when needed (1). Pakistan is also facing the crisis of pediatric surgical care limitations. So, recently, widening the medical care horizon ALSA Pakistan has pitched into the new medic field – Surgical Childcare – for newborns, infants, children, and young adults.

To overcome the gap in the pediatric field, we have acquainted with an expert pediatric surgeon in Pakistan, Dr. Muhammad Mohsin. He has served in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and earned the reputation of the Best Pediatric Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan.

So at ALSA Pakistan, general and complex pediatric surgery provision includes hygienic Circumcision surgery, Undescended Testicle, Paeds Inguinal Hernia Surgery, Hypospadias (abnormal opening of the urethra), Rectal Polyp, Constipation, and Anal Issues.

ALSA Pakistan, in conjunction with Dr. Muhammad Mohsin, has honoured the successful surgeries, best pre, and post-operation childcare, dietary, and medication for all ages children.

In short, ALSA Pakistan is penetrating every aspect related to weight, stomach, urology, childcare, and lifestyle maintenance with its expertise. As a result, ALSA Pakistan is the perfect epitome of enforcing exceptional surgical care and treatment for all age groups under one platform, said Dr. Muhammad Mohsin.

ALSA Pakistan – The ideal Choice of “Healthcare and Surgical Medical tourism” for overseas patients.

Since its inception, ALSA Pakistan has set its sights on decimating the obesity pandemic and advocating advanced surgical care for everyone regardless of location. Unfortunately, the price of bariatric and other surgeries in foreign countries is often overwhelming for the patients and sometimes causes hanging back from surgery.

However, a medical tour to Pakistan can be a golden opportunity for patients troubled because of cost. So, we encourage Medical Tourism to ALSA Pakistan for people abroad for its huge potential as advanced technologies and in-house expertise for various surgeries at international health and safety standards and sustaining long-term health at the most affordable prices.

ALSA Pakistan offers specialist-driven procedural medical care from pre and post-surgical hygiene and stringently following SOPs to the keen observation of physicians and paramedical staff and comfort for the patient’s attendant.

How did ALSA Pakistan actuate its Digital Journey?

Digital Presence

The looming COVID-19 crisis and subsequent lockdown in 2020 greatly stirred the healthcare industry in Pakistan. But unfortunately, at that disastrous time, it also hindered the patients’ approach to all medical treatments other than Corona. That, in turn, worsened the ailments in obese patients.

Also, since the pandemic began, dozens of studies reported that many of the sickest COVID-19 patients were obese. So, the Corona Virus contraction in people with obesity caused more apprehension.

However, ALSA Pakistan was maneuvering to reconnect and maintain personalised patient care. Given the need of the hour, industries started the digital revolution to stay connected with their customers.

Thus, we reckoned that considering digital capabilities can be an ideal path to transform our relationship with consumers fundamentally. Also, the digital connectivity of the healthcare professionals with the patients can enable, empower, and enhance medical care worldwide.

So the crux of the matter for ALSA Pakistan is to shift to being an Online Consultant. Eventually, we can streamline the reach of patients to the proper treatment at the right time. However, we don’t have a logo or online presence to serve the patients. Thus, to brace for the challenges of the online shift, we expedited our efforts to establish our Website in 2020. We explored digital marketing agencies in Pakistan, and at the end of the day, we found NavicoSoft.

So ALSA Pakistan turned to NavicoSoft, the leading healthcare marketing agency in Pakistan and foreign markets, to let the patients find us online.

Challenges of Digitalization

We were deemed not for flamboyant marketing but to reach out to the actual patients. SEO without content marketing is no less than a body without a soul. Also, social media was necessary for local and global outreach. So we need to put into practice all the digital marketing tactics. However, the medical industry is heavily regulated.

So NavicoSoft had to play it safe with the content and the marketing. Acknowledgment to NavicoSoft, they built the bespoke digital solution for ALSA Pakistan, which is bearing fruit until today. The company helped us manifest our talents and high-end surgical endeavours throughout Pakistan and overseas. We started as a weight loss and bariatric surgery in 2008. Nevertheless, NavicoSoft helped us evolve with the digital age and communicate our whole journey in the best way.

Logo, Design & Development

We need a Medical website and a visual identity that connects with healthcare and ALSA Pakistan image. NavicoSoft developed an unrivalled healthcare website design with responsiveness for mobiles and desktops to bestow high user experience. They also helped us with medical features integration, such as the BMI calculator on our Website. So, after a few weeks, we came online in 2020 and started addressing the issues like scheduling delays, outdated equipment & supplies, and limited operating room availability during Covid and afterward.

Further, NavicoSoft adjoined a special section on our Website to share our patients’ journey to motivate potential, current, and new patients in the digital age to step forward for better health.

Recently, we underwent the Website revamp to keep upfront with the several trends of the health care industry through our online platform.

SEO for Medical Website

The SEO team at NavicoSoft mapped the high-performance keywords related to our offered surgical treatments and balanced them evenly on our Website. Moreover, the unique Website copy, including optimised images and video content, spotlights ALSA Pakistan’s stance efficiently. As a result, the Website showed outstanding performance on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for the search queries and keywords and our brand awareness.

Content Marketing & Link-Building

66% of web users look online for information about a specific disease or medical problem, and approx. 7% of all Google searches are health-related. So, our site includes a blog section with consistent posting to make our Website more practicable to our audience. Also, to answer all of their queries.

However, medical content authenticity is a crushing responsibility. The overwhelming amount of information is confusing to people. NavicoSoft’s professional medical content writers are worth to be applauded for their copywriting and research-based educational content related to our field. The services include solid internal linking and a high authority backlink profile for better search engine crawling, indexing, and rankings.

So, the blogging and comprehensive On-Page SEO and Off-Page help with our readership, content authority, and SEO ranking. Also, decisive Bariatric and other health conditions and surgeries awareness help patients who fear to step forward to take the initiative to a better life. And that was our actual goal to enhance the life quality for humankind.

Social Media

Like other platforms, social media is regulated for the healthcare sector not in all aspects, still with some restrictions.

However, at the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, more than 95% of consumers stated that social media is one of the exceptionally efficient approaches to reaching patients. Also, as of 2021, 79% of users look to social media to answer specific personal health-related questions.

The social media at SoftNavicosoft brainstormed the best, from patient persona to engaging content and posts to boost the followers and direct patient engagement for ALSA Pakistan.

How has ALSA Pakistan digitally evolved?

Bariatric surgeries are lifesavers. So ALSA Pakistan endeavours to pursue excellence and leadership in Advanced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeries with personalised patient care.

Embracing the digital mindset, our efforts to control obesity and ensure authentic surgical treatment for Pakistani locals and ex-pats got into high gear. The healthcare marketing services expanded our outreach to the patients and increased our surgery bookings with qualified patients.

We are virtually connected with our existing and new patients for moral support, setting and achieving goals, and tracking personal progress. Also, Social media and SEO services bring the best of the best results so far for ALSA Pakistan.

In addition, our satisfied patients and increased number of qualified surgeries prove our brand authority in the healthcare market.

We are pleased to select NavicoSoft as our branding and marketing partner, said Dr. Tahir Yonus. Furthermore, NavicoSoft’s CEO, Asif Munir, has mainly supervised our project since our partnership, and we hope to maintain our collaboration with the company in the long run.

NavicoSoft Is Also Serving Us As A Web Host

The track record of our success as digitally available Advanced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon and consultant continuously heighten our trust in NavicoSoft. So, it made sense to migrate our hosting servers to NavicoSoft.

So, currently, we have our medical Website hosted with NavicoSoft. Yet the crowning point is we have noticed positive changes in our site performance thanks to NavicoSoft’s highly optimised hosting environment.

About NavicoSoft

NavicoSoft is a healthcare marketing agency excelling in medical marketing, maximising the ROI with qualified channels. The company was established in 2008. It has flourished to new heights and expertise in Digital Marketing and marketing for multi-niche industries under the capable supervision of its founder and CEO, Mr. Asif Munir. Currently, NavicoSoft is stationed in Asia, the UK, and Australia and has more than 10,000 customers in more than 200 countries. The company offers domain & hosting, web design & development, SEO, social media, and complete online marketing services for Startups, SMEs, and Enterprise-level organisations. In addition, Navicosoft delivers a holistic approach, helping healthcare organisations walk with the digital trends and streamline the leads and revenue.

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