Silixa Discusses Its Sensor Equipment and Rockmass Response Monitoring

Silixa gives further information on rockmass monitoring and how its combined DAS, DTS, and DSS platform can monitor the real-time response of rockmass. The firm also provides block cave monitoring, monitoring of underground mines, active and passive microseismic monitoring, and monitoring of shaft sinking temperature and strain.

In underground mining operations, for instance, an integrated fibre sensing platform can be utilised to monitor microseismic activity, blasting, hydraulic conditioning, and deformation monitoring, in addition to providing imaging through active/passive tomography and vertical seismic profiles.

The comprehensive data provides a detailed image of the rockmass response to mining operation in a number of ways, one of which is plotting microseismic events location and propagation. Other ways include mapping fracture growth, orientation, and extent through standard fibre or Silixa’s highly sensitive engineered fibre. This highly sensitive fibre is capable of detecting the smallest fractures within the rockmass, and comparing standard fibre to Silixa’s engineered fibre with a 20 dB (100x) improvement. In addition, strain measurements can provide further information regarding changes in rockmass.

Temperature analysis and measurements of dynamic and absolute strain can provide additional information about the changes in rockmass.

Modularity is possible in distributed fibre optic sensor systems for monitoring rockmass. Borehole or surface-based cables can be added as activities develop, and remote monitoring of numerous data kinds can be performed constantly or on demand. Fibre optic cables can be placed temporarily or permanently for numerous applications.

In addition to high-fidelity seismic data collecting using the Carina(R) Sensing System, Silixa’s iDASTM can also detect slow strain. Slow strain (often 0.1Hz-1Hz) makes use of the DAS’s characteristic flat system response and permits readings of 10. Silixa particular DSS interrogator can resolve absolute strain at a 2 . slow-strain monitoring has numerous applications in mining. To find out more see the following URL:

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