A man from ‘zero’ to counting riches in hands, Diego Aponte is a versatile serial entrepreneur of this age

A man from ‘zero’ to counting riches in hands, Diego Aponte is a versatile serial entrepreneur of this age

The struggle often changes people and shapes them to conquer the world with wonders. It is not a sequel of a week or a month, it is the combination of tons of years to only complete the mission they have been dreaming in their mind for a long time. To think ahead of the hardships, they, in the end, become the one who rules the world. Diego Aponte is a serial entrepreneur, who similarly, challenged his every struggle and now is counted in the list of billionaires of Tampa, Florida.

Diego was a kid of 1st grade when he first introduced himself unintentionally in business thing. He used to sell tapes and CDs among other students and that was always profitable by his side. As being the eldest with three siblings and cousins, and a family with not-so-good sustenance, he always felt responsible since childhood. Watching his mother getting along with 3 jobs just to earn a living, Diego got matured at a very young age and this also led to not having so many friends by his side.

Diego’s first-ever job was at a hardware store and a farm situated in Puerto Rico, where he was paid 25 USD for working continuously a week. He was always fortunate for spending his summers with his father, who was accustomed to buy and sell sports memorabilia and who later become a part of the real estate world. While on a job, his father used to make him understand the gradual process of business and strengthened his confidence for life, that without any doubt Diego always believes he wouldn’t be able to, and which leads to conquering his name as in highlights of Florida. Even, over a certain period at school, Diego carried on selling sneakers and a business of merchandising scrap gold.

A 12-year-old child, Diego, took the mentorship of his father ahead and cracked his very first deal between his father and the bus owner, with the earning of $5k. This motivation led him to purchase his own house just after the gap of 3 years, at the age of 15. But by mischance, he had to leave that house two years later, due to the delayed mortgage payments. Yet Diego stood tough and went against every challenge life was throwing at him.

Thereafter, when Diego went on to pursue his higher education, he got a job from one of his friends who then owned a company doing inspections on REO properties. But he chose to end his role there when one of his female friends from Miami talked over about her job at a hedge fund and recommended him about the same company which was looking to acquire assets in Tampa, FL. It was his luck out and he chose on sourcing the inventory. He sold all of the scrap gold he had saved till the date and bought a property for $13k. He then sold the same with the profit of $7K next to him.

The deals, in the beginning, were the steps of his success, and now he is the owner of $50 million in assets. Also, his involvement has been counted in over $1 billion worth of real estate transactions. Diego Aponte is now a recognized name who is famous in the real estate sector for investing and wholesaling through a different approach. His total net worth has been estimated at around $9 million.

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