Why women’s role is crucial in philanthropy?

In recent years we have seen more diversity, collaboration, and sustainability in philanthropy than ever before. It has been reported that there is an increase in philanthropy attempts led by women, which shows us that it is another way of breaking the mold. But how?

The philanthropy world is ever-changing. Nowadays, a diverse and representative range of voices is starting to become an influence in decision-making, and in this, there are high-net-worth female donors among the key drivers. All the words mentioned earlier have given us a sneak peek of how women are becoming an essential part of philanthropy; the rest of the two main points are explained below;

Women think thoroughly

The wealth advisor notices that their female clients are more thorough thinkers who carefully scrutinize charities and causes before giving off their money to them. They generally do it to know precisely how their money will be used and how they impact them personally.

It is a long-term and more-cautious step that women philanthropists take because it can bring tremendous financial stability to charities after commitment. This also gives a big chance for substantial advocacy work by going beyond simple donations.

Diversity in causes

The causes that were marginalized in previous years or underfunded have been getting a lot of attention after the increase in wealthy female philanthropists, which helped transfer the money to them.  

The women philanthropist and donors usually fund international advancement and development projects. The reason is that women are driven to help others from the bottom of their hearts rather than just throwing their money into whatever cause. They want to improve the chances of vulnerable humans. In the places like Sub-Saharan Africa, women philanthropists wish to invest money in building schools and improving the sanitation of children, women, and girls as well as others.

A poll by Morgan Stanley has found that 100 out of 84 women are more interested in investments that would benefit social and environmental changes; they often direct their funds towards impactful investment through affordable housing schemes and contemporary agricultural methods.

High-net-worth female philanthropists are demonstrating that women can have influential leadership roles in making the world a better, more equitable place. They signal that they can do something about the injustices that may have stood in their way earlier in their careers and are still impeding millions. They inspire people, no matter how well-off, to take positive, selfless action and help make society more inclusive, prosperous, and caring. The best example of that is Queen Zaynab.

Her Majesty Queen Zaynab

Queen Zaynab is the finest philanthropist who has been the flame of hope for well-known underprivileged children and women originating in rural areas. She is a representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). This institution focuses on improving the mental and reproductive health of people livinf in renderdeveloped areas on a wide scale globally as well as providing them with fundamental rights.

The Queen Zaynab Foundation was formed by the Her Majesty Queen Zaynab Foundation (QZF). Over the years, she has assisted men, women, and children in every manner imaginable, with a specific focus on underprivileged communities that are struggling to survive. Her nonprofit has provided scholarships to children affected by the Boko Haram situation and paid for most of the children’s camps, including their education fees. They have also created a #ForwardInitiative in which they are on a quest to finance neighborhood orphanages and training facilities and have collected a total fundraising sum of $150,000.

Queen Zaynab also succeeded in other areas, such as when she attended an event organized by the Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC) and the Union of Business Ladies (UBL). She also served on the board of directors of the Beirut Fashion Council in Lebanon in 2018.

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