The Masked Singer US divulges first costumed celebrity for season 6

The Masked Singer US has uncovered its first celebrity costume for season 6.

Released on Instagram today (August 6), a silhouetted figure starts along with color as Dalmatian stands pleased in his/her American football-style attire, complete with helmet and jersey number.

Fans of the reality television competition were out in force with their reactions, as one joked “Emma Stone” in the comments section, referring to the Hollywood actress’s Cruella part.

“I believe that this is an NFL player,” suggested someone else, before a third person wrote: “I absolutely love all of the costumes! The designers outdo themselves each season!”

We can’t help thinking about what David Dastmalchian is up to right now? Hmmmm.

Beforehand, season 5 featured the show’s “most famous guest ever” in Kermit the Frog.

“It’s not easy being green, but sometimes it’s even harder being a snail,” he said on stage while poking out of the costume’s shell. “I’m never gonna hear the end of this from Miss Piggy.”

The beloved Muppet “loved every minute” of his time performing as Snail, further commenting: “After years of being your average everyday talking frog, I thought it would be fun to be someone else.

“The chance to become a snail – with my own built-in mobile home – was too good to pass up.”