An Ancient Star Is Visible Zooming 600 km/s Through Space

While this is true for the majority of Milky Way stars, not all of them follow a calm and systematic orbit around the galactic center. Occasionally, a maverick is observed surpassing other players by traveling at a speed that will ultimately cause it to be Continue Reading

China’s Chang’e 6 Sample Mission to the far Side of the Moon is About to Begin Counting Down

As the nation moves closer to its goal of landing a person on the moon by 2030, China’s Chang’e 6 robotic mission is scheduled to launch this week with the goal of returning samples from the moon’s far side for the first time. The Chang’e Continue Reading

Close Earth “Possibly Unsafe” Space rock Found: First Victory for HelioLinc3D Calculation

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s upcoming sky survey’s next-generation asteroid discovery algorithm, HelioLinc3D, has found its first “potentially hazardous” asteroid, 2022 SF289. A space rock revelation calculation — intended to uncover close Earth space rocks for the Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s impending 10-year review of Continue Reading