An AI Startup Raises $66 Million to Automate Call Centers

The Berlin-based startup Parloa has secured $66 million in series B funding to automate customer service using AI.

Established in 2018, Parloa provides automation solutions for contact centers, such as an artificial intelligence speech application that automates natural language client interactions.

In addition to EQT Venture, Mosaic Ventures, and La Famiglia Growth, Altimeter Capital led the investment. Newion and Senovo, two current investors, took part as well.

With this round, Parloa has raised $98 million in total capital. The business had previously raised $25.6 million in its series A last March, with German soccer player and 2014 World Cup winner Mario Götze contributing to the investment.

The money will be used by Parloa to support its growth in the United States and to enhance its platform and product offerings.

Malte Kosub, the CEO and co-founder of Parloa, said, “We are incredibly excited about this financing round, as it will allow us to make a significant leap forward in improving the customer service experience for everyone and setting new standards for the communication between customers and enterprises,”

The AI platform from Parloa is being used in a number of sectors, such as travel, insurance, and e-commerce. Its purpose is to give businesses realistic-sounding voices for usage in contact centers and other customer-facing settings.

When a consumer calls, Parloa’s platform recognizes why they are calling and connects them to the appropriate people immediately. In addition, it manages FAQs, providing answers to frequently asked questions from customers, and is capable of carrying out order fulfillment and address changes.

The business said that by swiftly answering consumer inquiries, its software frees up contact center operators to concentrate on other duties.

In 2023, Parloa made its debut in the American market by setting up shop in New York and gaining a number of Fortune 200 clients.

Additionally, the business is associated with Microsoft. Parloa hosts its products on the Azure cloud service.

Ralph Haupter, head of Microsoft’s EMEA region, stated that “Parloa’s customer service technology improves the consumer experience, allowing agents to concentrate on complex and important topics.”

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