The director saw Timothée Chalamet’s “His High School Musical Performances on YouTube,” and he offered him the Willy Wonka role without requiring an audition.

Regardless of reports throughout the long term that Warner Brothers. was pursuing any semblance of Donald Glover, Ezra Mill operator and Ryan Gosling to play Willy Wonka, it was just Timothée Chalamet who got the proposal to lead chief Paul Lord’s prequel melodic “Wonka.” Also, Chalamet didn’t actually need to try out. Ruler as of late told Drifter that he was a Chalamet “stan” and in this manner realized the entertainer had the singing and moving cleaves expected to play Wonka.

“It was a straight proposition since he’s perfect and he was the main individual to me who could make it happen,” Lord said. ” However, his high school musical performances are available on YouTube and have received hundreds of thousands of views due to the absurdity of his character, Timothée Chalamet. So I knew from stanning for Timmy Chalamet that he could sing and move all around well.”

“I knew that was in his arsenal, but I didn’t know how good he was,” King continued. At the point when I addressed him he was very sharp. He’d done tap moving in secondary school and he was like, ‘I’d very prefer to show individuals I can do that.'”

King described “Wonka” as a “proper” musical that feels like “a really fun hat off to the golden age of MGM musicals.” The beloved “Paddington” films are the director’s most well-known work, but he said “Wonka” has a very different tone.

“Positively, I attempted to have more obscure characters than [what] you would find in a ‘Paddington’ film, for instance,” Lord told Drifter. ” Willy Wonka finds himself in a crueler and meaner world as a result of Charlie’s upbringing in that kind of city. Not at all like the ‘Paddington’ world, not every person is pleasant in a Roald Dahl world. I most certainly got to entertain those bizarre thoughts, yet I would like to think not to harm an age of youngsters.”

“Wonka” opens in venues cross country December 15 from Warner Brothers.

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