When identical twins experimented with plant based and omnivore diets in just 8 weeks the vegans were biologically younger and healthier

The latest diet war has seen omnivores- vegans emerge victorious, as demonstrated by a head-to-head study that compared the two eating styles using identical twins. The research, which was published on November 30 in JAMA Network Open, found that eating a vegan diet was associated Continue Reading

9 Yoga activities to address the psychological parts of weight the executives

Integrating Yoga into a weight the executives plan offers a comprehensive methodology, focusing on both physical and mental prosperity as specialists uncover that basic yet compelling asanas or Yoga activities can improve adaptability, consume calories and diminish pressure, cultivating a better way of life. This Continue Reading

Transform Your Health in Two Days: Weekend Workouts May Be As Effective as Exercising All Week

The weekend warrior or a pattern of physical activity that was more evenly distributed was associated with similarly lower risks of heart attack, heart failure, atrial fibrillation (an abnormal heart rhythm), and stroke when compared to inactivity. Individuals who find it trying to dispense time Continue Reading

As health officials declare an outbreak, the number of syphilis cases in Houston is skyrocketing

Houston, Texas, is the site of a syphilis outbreak, according to health authorities. As per a new delivery by the Houston Wellbeing Division, there’s been a 128 percent expansion in cases among ladies. Houston, Texas, is the site of a syphilis outbreak, according to health Continue Reading

A new study demonstrates the long-term effects of redlining on the cardiovascular health of veterans.

According to a new study conducted by researchers from Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals, and the Cleveland VA Medical Center, U.S. military veterans who lived in areas that were once referred to as “redlined” had a higher risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular Continue Reading