Perhaps Menopause Doesn’t Need to Occur

Perhaps Menopause Doesn’t Need to Occur

The headline of the Wall Street Journal article written by Sumathi Reddy asks a provocative question: What if menopause could be avoided? What’s more, the piece is everything except a simple idea practice regarding the matter. It turns out that scientists, primarily women, are already investigating. “Focus on slowing down the rate at which a woman’s follicles and eggs are lost,” says Reddy of the various potential treatments. One chance is to reuse previously existing medications, especially the kidney-relocate drug rapamycin, which seems to slow the maturing of ovaries in mice. Another is to engineer cells to get the same result, which is being done by biotech companies like Gameto. However, the “why” of such a movement is also the focus of Reddy’s story, and the answer is profound: Ladies might carry on with longer and better existences.

“Menopause is the single greatest catalyst of the illnesses of maturing for ladies in all cases, whether it’s coronary illness and stroke, immune system problems, osteoporosis or mental deterioration,” says Piraye Yurttas Beim of anothe biotech firm, Celmatix. Reddy explains that when a woman’s ovaries stop producing essential hormones and working properly, the aging process accelerates and numerous health risks arise. Another aspect: The conventional understanding of the “biological clock” would be thrown out the window if women were able to take medications throughout their lives to better regulate the process. Skeptics who are concerned about interfering with the natural process are included in Reddy’s perspective. However, Columbia University’s Dr. Zev Williams asserts that the “ingrained” belief that menopause must occur must end.

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