You can at last dispatch associate driving mode without beginning navigation

Google originally reported Assistant Driving Mode more than two years prior at I/O 2019, yet it wasn’t until before the end of last year that the organization really started carrying out the element to clients. Albeit at first accessible in the U.S., the Assistant Driving Continue Reading

Android 12 will make it simpler to stop useless notifications on your Wear OS smartwatch

One of the more modest yet additional interesting changes seen in Android 12 Developer Preview 3 is a new level of granular control over applications that can get to the notification listener service. In Android 11, it’s an all-or-nothing switch: either a helper app (like Continue Reading

Android 12 DP1: Navigation gestures presently work immediately in fullscreen applications

Navigation gestures in Android 10 and beyond have been controversial from the very beginning, and years after it began, Google is as yet tweaking the formula. In Android 12, navigation gestures presently work instantly in case you’re utilizing a fullscreen application. This change, seen by Continue Reading

Google Pixel phones may acquire face-based Auto-Rotate with Android 12

With the launch of the Android 12 Developer Preview apparently around the corner, we’ve discovered that Pixel phones might be acquiring another face-based option for Auto-Rotate. On Pixel phones today, as well as Android gadgets in general, you’re ready to have your display orientation turn Continue Reading