Google Pixel phones may acquire face-based Auto-Rotate with Android 12

With the launch of the Android 12 Developer Preview apparently around the corner, we’ve discovered that Pixel phones might be acquiring another face-based option for Auto-Rotate.

On Pixel phones today, as well as Android gadgets in general, you’re ready to have your display orientation turn to coordinate your gadget’s orientation. For instance, you may browse YouTube in portrait mode, at that point turn your gadget aside or the other to amplify the video.

Notwithstanding, there’s an interesting quirk with this experience, or maybe you can consider it a mismatch between what phones expect and how people act. An excessive number of us have a propensity for utilizing our phones in bed — notwithstanding Google’s Digital Wellbeing endeavors. What’s more, on the off chance that you do this while laying on your side, both your head and your phone will be gone aside.

With Auto-Rotate as it works today, your phone will go into landscape mode, where you’d want it to remain in portrait mode for simpler reading. With Android Pie, phones acquired a handy button to rotate the display that shows up when your phone is gone aside and Auto-Rotate is off. The individuals who utilize their phones while laying on their sides probably keep Auto-Rotate off and basically utilize this button when they need to turn the screen.

As indicated by data saw by 9to5Google, Android 12 is set to bring an optional, face-based version of Auto-Rotate to Pixel phones. Fundamentally, your phone will utilize your front-facing camera to check on the off chance that anybody is taking a gander at the screen, and if so, what direction their head is turned.

Likely the tech behind this is a simplified version of the face-shape-recognition capacities of applications like Snapchat and Google Duo. For evident privacy reasons, this camera-based check will happen totally with respect to your gadget and won’t save or send your photograph anyplace.

It’s conceivable that this face-based version of Auto-Rotate could launch as a more extensive Android 12 feature, however until further notice we believe that it will be solely for Pixel phones, at least in the short term. Then again, as has occurred before with features seen in more up to date versions of Android, face-based Auto-Rotate could show up as part of a Pixel Feature Drop.

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