Soheil Bigdeli is setting carpet weaving industry on fire

Carpet is always thought to be a magical souvenir from middle east. The world is fascinated by how eastern artists dexterously weave the yarns and create phenomenal patterns since a long time ago. Obviously Iranians are considered to be the masters of carpet weaving owing to their rich and long history. For Iranians carpet weaving is not just a job, but it is considered as a high respected art. 

The kind of art that exposes the essence and quiddity of the artist, which is the carpet-weaver here, as a physical object which is carpet. Usually the most of Iranian carpet-weaver inherit this vocation from their parents, but there have been some artists that had enough talent, passion and perseverance to learn all the basics and elaborations without the help of their parents. 

One of these diligent artists who has proven himself as an eminent carpet-weaver domestic and internationally is “Soheil Bigdeli.” Soheil Bigdeli (with the real name “Mohammad Reza Bigdeli) was born on September 2, 1979, in Qom. Soheil Bigdeli is counted as one the brightest newfound faces of Qom Handmade Silk Carpet firm. As we mentioned before he was raised in a family with no history in carpet weaving art. But after he became a teenager, with his penchant to the art of carpet weaving and his gifted talent, Soheil Bigdeli entered to this industry. With his supreme creativity and tendency to use unusual and unique colors, soon he was well-known between the other carpet-weavers of his generation. And it was not a false alarm! 

In 2014 he participated in the National Carpet Festival and his Carpet “Shaghayegh” won the best carpet of the year award. Shageyegh is great combination of classical and modern art, shapes into a carpet. The mixture of color blue and light brown is eye catching and the geometrical pattern of this carpet is marvelous. At that time Soheil Bigdeli was just a 35 years old artist which is a small age for winning such an important award. So many people thought that is just beginners luck. 

But once again in 2016, Soheil Bigdeli Proved that we do not have such a thing like luck and all he had was just hard work and great love to his job. Once again in the National Carpet Festival his another distinguished artwork called “Zarih” won the best classical carpet of the year award. In Zarih, Soheil Bigdeli has used an elegant combination of cold and warm colors. 

Originality, minimalistic interpretation of classical designs, paying attention to the tastes of his audience, and usage of contemporary and trendy colors are the prominent characteristic of this great artist. He also won the awards of the best creator in the 6th Golden Knot Festival in 2019 and the 5th Iranian Exquisite Carpet Festival for “Sama” carpet.