Save the bees with TheBeesKingdom

TheBeesKingdom is a relatively new addition to the Web3, but it appears to be a promising initiative. The market for NFTs is quickly expanding, and new, limitless opportunities are being created every day. NFT is, without a doubt, the way of the future.

In the NFT sphere, we have seen many projects emerge with different road maps and ambitions. More or less developed, each project tried to propose actions in their road map that could benefit their holders and keep them invested.

TheBeesKingdom appears to have focused on the quality of their designs, with fantastic, unusual designs as well as bringing real value to their project.

Among these projects, some decided to do things differently, and to bring real concrete actions that will have an impact. This is the case of TheBeesKingdom, which brings real value with its project. With their collection, they decided to donate $100,000 to non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting bees. The community will be able to vote for the receiving organization, as the creators did not wish to impose their choice on the community.

A collection that will be sold at the price of 0.2eth per NFT, and that will allow you to make a good deed while investing. An original bet, which brings much more value to our environment than other projects.

Bees have been the gatekeepers of Humanity’s survival for 150 million years. Their synergy has led them to establish ancestral kingdoms. Organized, supportive and devoted, their sense of community allows them to carry out complex tasks, vital to the survival of the Hive, as well as defend it against Bumblebees.

Their ambition is to create a supportive and devoted community around the bees as well as a real environmental impact around their project. NFT key leaders of opinion believe it will make a splash when it debuts, as a slew of investors are waiting for the launch date to secure their stake. This meta-world famous franklin is known for his celebrity and after the latest developments, he has assigned his crew with an official three-pronged mission.