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With the latest update, diesel vehicle owners across Salt Lake City and surrounding areas now have access to professional installation and tuning of diesel chips. The company also offers tire alignment, brake maintenance, engine repair, and other mechanic services for cars and trucks.

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By using T3 Speed’s recently enhanced chip tuning service, diesel owners can significantly improve their car or truck’s fuel efficiency and engine performance.

A diesel chip is a modification to diesel cars and trucks that improves engine performance by increasing fuel flow, adjusting the timing curve, and changing transmission shift rate. Despite raising the fuel flow rate, these changes together actually contribute to the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Since the chip connects to the engine control unit (ECU), it works through computer code, rather than through mechanical methods.

T3 Speed works with a team of expert mechanics striving to give diesel vehicles proper care and attention.

During a visit to T3 Speed’s shop, a mechanic will install the diesel performance chip in the vehicle, connecting it directly to the engine bay of the truck or car. They will then adjust the settings of the chip to optimize engine performance.

The company carries diesel chips and other auto parts that are compatible with all major diesel automotive brands, including Ford, Dodge, and GM.

For details on T3’s diesel services, visit https://www.t3speedshop.com/diesel-shop

About The Company

T3 Speed was founded by Trista Peterson, Trevor Peterson, and Travis Clark. The team has over 15 years of experience working with diesel vehicles. With their breadth of knowledge and dedication to quality, they aim to provide customers with high-quality auto parts and mechanic services.

A satisfied customer said, “T3 came through in a pinch for us. We blew a turbo on our way through Salt Lake City. The staff was attentive, knowledgeable, and provided helpful advice as well as expertise in getting us back on the road. Professional, accessible, and above all honest. We are confident in recommending T3 for any turbo diesel needs you may have.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.t3speedshop.com/alignment-specialist

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