Medellin Medical Tourism Concierge 2022 Recuperation Vacation Service Launched

Health Bridge Medical has launched a medical tourism concierge service to help patients around the world book affordable medical procedures and travel accommodations in Colombia. The company offers consultations for stem cell therapy, orthodontics, cosmetic surgery, and other procedures.

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With the launch of this service, the team at Health Bridge Medical aims to improve access to affordable medical procedures for individuals without cost-effective options in their home countries. Colombia is a top global destination for medical tourism, welcoming more than 25,000 patients each year. With several medical and dental procedures being inaccessible domestically patients often seek care abroad.

Health Bridge Medical connects patients with healthcare providers in Medellin and arranges travel itineraries to ensure clients can enjoy a rejuvenation vacation while traveling for their medical treatments. Based on a client’s preferences, Health Bridge Medical can also help arrange tourist activities such as adventure tours or restaurant reservations.

Health Bridge Medical offers complimentary consultations to both prospective patients and doctors. Doctors can find new clients to supplement their business, and patients can get help arranging all aspects of their trips to Colombia for vacation and medical treatment. Patients can now enjoy rejuvenating cultural experiences and adventures after their procedure, all coordinated through a single company.

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Health Bridge Medical provides concierge services for anti-aging medicine, pulmonology, endocrinology, neurology, immunity medicine, and sports medicine. They also support tourism to Medellin for dental implants, oral rehabilitation, endodontics, teeth whitening, and periodontology. The company is also able to arrange for professional translation services to make medical tourism trips for non-Spanish speakers as seamless as possible.

With the launch of these services, Health Bridge Medical aims to help a broader global audience access affordable medical treatments in Colombia. The website features information about the full range of available medical procedures including information about prices and links to a consultation.

Visit https://clik.site/hbmqr/ to learn more about patient services available through Health Bridge Medical.

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