IELTS Task 1 Writing Improvement Course | Summarising Statistics Launched

This new course has been created by Cambridge IELTS expert Mark Thompson to help individuals who perform well in reading, listening, and speaking on the IELTS but need to improve their ability to summarise data in a bar chart, line graph, pie chart, or table data relating to a point in time.

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Some jobs or universities require people who speak English as a second language to score 7.0 on all the sections of the IELTS exam. The writing section is often the one that has individuals stuck at 6.0, but these people can now get help with Mark Thompson’s proven IELTS writing workshop at “English Where You Are”.

After working 31 years as a technical writer that involved describing business processes in clear English, Mark Thompson used his expertise in technical writing to design a writing system that has helped students raise their IELTS writing scores from 6.0 to 7.0.

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Mark recognized that the IELTS marking criteria clearly describe what test-takers need to do in the writing section. He developed a system with those criteria in mind that enables the test taker to maximise variety while minimising English language mistakes when writing the exam under time pressure.

He calls it the PNA system and teaches individuals how to avoid mistakes that raise red flags. For example, his system teaches how to avoid making mistakes with countable and uncountable nouns, a common type of mistake on IELTS Task 1.

The course consists of in-person videos with exercises and practice activities, which make the student feel like they are in an actual classroom. This aspect of the course means that students enjoy learning more than if the information were presented in simple slides with voiceovers.

A satisfied student wrote, “Are you looking for a miracle to boost your writing ability? If so, you need Mark. He first analyzes your writing to see your weaknesses and then offers you quick and easy points to improve your writing.”

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