How Fire Watch Guards Will Help Your Business

Owned a business or property? You might already have employed the best people and even an amazing location (including the best facilities available). Have you also considered the safety of the area or premises? Some may not realize the need for the service of different security personnel. This includes employing fire watch guards.

If you are considering not employing fire watch guards, think again. Here are some of the mistakes or disadvantages whenever you don’t avail of the service of this kind of security personnel.

1. Remove the load from your employees.

There is a risk involved in using one of your staff as a fire watch patrol. There would be times that they could not focus on their own duties and responsibilities whenever there is a threat of fire from happening. Aside from this, employees could feel stressed out to be liable whenever a fire already happened. The fact that most firms or building owners do not have the required insurance to perform fire watch services increases the liability risk. As a result, the organization bears all of the risks with no insurance to protect them.

2. Getting a limited number of fire watch guards.

The last-minute nature and high expense of fire watch guards make many people more likely to have savings by employing fewer people than necessary. Some states may have rules requiring how many guards should be stationed per region, while others may not. Most fire marshals, on the other hand, advise two fire watch guards each story within buildings.

In states where no particular requirements exist, property owners are nonetheless responsible. This is if someone is injured or property is damaged, as a result of their failure to hire enough fire watch staff to appropriately monitor the building. An additional officer is required to keep an eye on the control panel and give restroom breaks as needed. The needed number of guards is the same regardless of the number of units on the floor.

3. Declining the service of Fire Watch Guards.

Let’s face it – the service of fire watch guards may not be that cheap. Since the price per hour for every personnel vary depending on the fire watch service provider, availing the impossibly lowest priced one could provide unprofessional security guards. The confusion of high prices may also lead a business or property owner not to get fire watch guards at all. Fire can happen any time and anywhere, so it is important to get their services especially when the fire protection and equipment are damaged or under maintenance. In the event of a fire, the building’s (or business owner) management is responsible for everyone’s safety and the items inside it. Failure to acquire fire watch services in various states or localities can result in criminal prosecution if someone is hurt.

The worst decision to make is not getting the service of fire watch guards from a reputable security guard provider. This can be considered as one of the important decisions that a business owner or a manager makes. Fire can cost lives and can cost heavy damage in just a few seconds. Avoid doing this mistake and contact a fire watch service agency.