Global Funding for Life Sciences Startups is Announced by the Arcondis Foundation

The Arcondis Group is entirely owned by the Foundation, which was founded in 2017 with the aim of generating shared wealth for all parties participating in the business. Ensuring sustainable employment within the Arcondis Group and providing assistance for social responsibility initiatives are among its primary goals.

Christian Baumgartner, founder and chairman of the Arcondis Group and the Arcondis Foundation, stated, “Through the Foundation, we encourage Arcondis Group employees to get involved in pro bono projects, creating additional opportunities for knowledge transfer, and promoting innovation. The grant opportunity illustrates our commitment to sustainability, the development of the life sciences and healthcare sector and the supportive role that we’d like to play in creating growth opportunities for start-ups.”

Selection criteria include a number of important elements, such as alignment with Arcondis’s core values, a clear and compelling mission and vision to address societal issues, a thorough plan detailing the grant funds’ intended use, proof that the solution can be scaled to increase its social impact, and a thorough grasp of the start-up’s competitive positioning in the industry.

All of these components work together to guarantee that the candidates who are chosen have the ability, plan, and vision to bring about significant change and have a long-lasting impact on society. Those that are interested may apply by going here.

The application period will be open until May 15th, giving prospective business owners enough time to send in their ideas. September 2024 will see the announcement of the award recipient, ushering in a new and exciting chapter in the worldwide promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Sustainability is a priority for the Arcondis Foundation and we look forward to engaging with start-ups to grow our commitment to ensuring environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and promoting economic prosperity for future generations,” stated Baumgartner.

Christian Hebich, CEO of the Arcondis Group, stated, “As a professional services company specialising in the life sciences and healthcare sector, we are excited about the prospects that this grant for start-ups represents. Giving back to the community adds a valuable dimension to our employees’ work experience and it supports our vision of making healthcare better, globally,”

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