Frank aka Food Boss’ TikTok video’s take the internet by storm

Frank aka Food Boss’ TikTok video’s take the internet by storm

Owner of Ariana’s South and Ariana’s Grand New Jersey garners a fan base for his lively cooking videos.

The recent two years might not have been very forgiving for the restaurant and catering industry. A chef from New York has found fame broadcasting his culinary skills and signature style to the whole world. His name is Frank, but he is better known as Food Boss. It is also the name of his YouTube Channel and Tik Top profile.

He has over a hundred and fifty thousand followers on Instagram. His Instagram account is filled with videos of him cooking food and many of them even have celebrity friends in them. One recent collaboration was seen on which Frank was visited by QCP and the two cooked at Food Boss’ place. The reason he stands out the most is that Frank prepares unmatchable feasts and that too at his home kitchen.

It might also be the reason why his TikTok account has over a million followers. Videos on the Food Boss Instagram and Tik Tok accounts are not just full of him preparing dishes like all other chefs, but Frank depicts a homely environment. We often get to see his son come at the start of the video and ask his dad what would be there for dinner. This is followed by Food Boss revealing an array of meals no less than a feast.

With his charming cooking skills, the Italian Chef preaches the wonders of home cooking. He is not seen badmouthing any specific fast-food chain but asks his viewers to learn how to prepare high-end Italian dishes at home. Most of the dishes he prepares do not involve any rare and exquisite ingredients. Viewers can easily source those on their own and have a great experience at home.

While Frank tries to make his food as simple as possible, he also knows how to make fancy dishes in his home kitchen. One of his videos shows him creating more than eight different iterations of delicious-looking lobster dishes. Each one of them looked straight out of a gourmet restaurant. It shows that the catering kitchens run by Food Boss are not simply his businesses but are derived from his culinary expertise.

 Oh, and by the way, there is another thing he wants everyone to know. Neither Frank nor any of his kitchens limit themselves to Italian Food. Most of the recipes he shows are belonging to his family. He is often seen telling how his Ma used to make it for him and his family. Frank even shares how he felt when the dish was made at his home. One thing that makes him stand out is his spirit of sharing. He does not wish to keep his recipes to himself and for his family to enjoy. Frank shares his tips and tricks quite enthusiastically and for his viewers to genuinely enjoy.

Food Boss is unlike those celebrity chefs who just limit themselves to mobile phone and laptop screens. He owns and successfully runs two catering venues named Ariana’s South and Ariana’s Grand. Frank’s two entrepreneurial ventures have been his crown jewels for over 25 years. The name is actually after his first daughter Ariana. He runs the two venues with determination and hard work. It has helped him enter the much professional realm of the food catering business. His food is well known for its simple and fresh ingredients while never compromising on delivering an exquisite experience.

Frank’s years of culinary and entrepreneurial expertise have helped him make some very good friends. He knows Guy Fieri and Dana White. The Food Boss often mentions them and even tried his take on the famous Wagyu Burger. He added crispy bacon, a fried egg, golden onions, and many more items to make the recipe his own. In the same video, he is seen using famous condiments that were provided to him by his friends. These were the Truff spicy mayonnaise and hot chili oil from Notos Italian Kitchen. It shows that not only his recipes are well known and high end, but so are his ingredients. Food Boss aims at showing his viewers what to use if they wish to recreate the same restaurant experience they long for.

The success of Food Boss seems to only grow with time. His signature style of making Italian dishes but not limiting himself to just them is something very hard to resist. All the food he makes can also be made very easily at home and this makes him quite relatable and real.

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