In a world first, a live parasitic worm was discovered in the brain of an Australian woman.

The first human case of the infection has been reported after a 64-year-old Australian woman’s brain contained a live parasitic worm. The revelation was made by specialists and scientists at the Australian Public College (ANU) and Canberra Clinic after they tracked down a live 8 Continue Reading

Scientists didn’t notice a skyscraper-sized asteroid until two days later when it was flying closer to Earth than the moon.

A space rock as extensive as a 20-story building cruised awkwardly near Earth last week, zooming by our planet at around a fourth of the distance among Earth and the moon — and stargazers didn’t see it until two days after the fact. On July Continue Reading

The earliest known strand of the “cosmic web” has been discovered by the James Webb telescope.

The stars above may appear to be more or less evenly distributed on a clear night. However, this is not the case; instead, every star is a component of a vast cosmic web that connects galaxies across the universe like threads in a spider’s web Continue Reading