Facebook propels a brand-new rapping platform BARS

Facebook propels a brand-new rapping platform BARS

Facebook has launched a brand-new platform called BARS, where clients can record short clips of themselves rapping and freestyling over beats.

Like TikTok, every video will be capped at 60 seconds. When clients finish recording their videos in the application, they can share them across different social media outlets. Clients who run over freestyles they like can react with fire emoticons.

The application is as yet in its initial testing period and doesn’t appear to be completely instinctive, as per a few sources. There isn’t a pause button and it is difficult to sort out some way to follow different clients. Yet, these issues, apparently, will be settled once Facebook decides to officially launch the application.

Additionally, the application will accompany auto-tune and rhyme-dictionary features, coupled with freestyle games where clients will be needed to work in auto-generated words to their freestyles.

Back in January, Instagram recognized TikTok’s innovation while referencing it isn’t yet happy with its own platform Reels.

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