Drew Brees rebuilds agreement to give Saints more cap space

Drew Brees has not yet declared his retirement, however in a clue that he’s getting ready to do as such, he has concurred with the Saints that he will significantly lessen his 2021 salary.

Brees is at present under agreement for a $25 million salary in 2021 yet has consented to the league least of $1.075 million, as per ESPN.

As clarified by Jason Fitzgerald of OverTheCap.com, that brings Brees’ cap hit for 2021 down to $12.225 million, from the $36.15 million it would have been on the off chance that he hadn’t accepted the decrease in salary. That implies Brees has recently saved the Saints almost $24 million on their compensation cap once the new league year begins in March.

At that point Brees and the Saints can stand by until after June 1 to make his retirement official, so, all things considered, the Saints can part his dead cap number of $22.65 million between the 2021 and 2022 salary caps.

Even after this move, the Saints are projected to be above and beyond the salary cap for 2021, so more moves are certainly coming. Be that as it may, some inventive accounting and Brees’ collaboration has recently made things a little simpler on the Saints.

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