Dr Siavash Arani, Announces U.S. Trademark Protection Filing For HPV BCR™ Treatment for Removing HPV Related Epithelial Tumor

One of Leading United States HPV and sexual health surgeon has filed for trademark protection for his pioneering HPV BCR™ Treatment to protect his name, institution integrity and save patients from unauthorized claims

Dr Siavash Arani, MD, announces he has filled for trademark protection in the U.S. for his HPV BCR™ Treatment. The author and surgeon invented the method over a decade ago to treat genital warts, anal warts, and HPV related epithelial tumors.

Since introducing the procedure, the doctor and his team at D.A.M.L. Inc. have treated thousands of patients with the highest success rate and the greatest cosmetic outcome. Countless testimonies by patients abound on the procedure’s efficiency and documented cases in getting rid of individual warts that never grow back again.

Dr.Siavash Arani, MD, decided to file for a trademark to protect his brand, company reputation, and the general public from inaccurate claims and using inventor name without innovator authorization. The Institution wants to ensure that patients who seek this specific method get only the best treatment from the right source that spent several years researching, developing, and testing to perfect the HPV BCR™ Treatment or trained and experienced physicians on the aforementioned method. There are many methods for anogenital warts treatment available as first line of removal by various providers or public health which could relieve the patient’s symptoms, but if all fail then HPV BCR surgical method could be the choice for complicated cases.

Dr Siavash Arani, MD, is a leading medical practitioner specializing in diagnosing and treating HPV and related infectious diseases. He graduated from R.U.S.M. in 1999 with an M.D. degree and received further training at Mayo Clinic Hospital and Maricopa Medical Center in Arizona. He worked as Instructor of Medicine and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, where he developed an interest in public health.

His passion for providing solutions for S.T.D.s in whatever form led him to establish D.A.M.L., an exclusive infectious disease laboratory. Dr Siavash Arani, MD researched and developed the HPV BCR™ treatment and hopes to train other physicians in the future on this method so they can also do the procedure. He has been featured in major news outlets and publications, including Daily Press, NBC related network, Chicago Tribune, Virginia Gazette, and Fox News, where he educated millions of people about his treatment.

For more information, please visit http://www.thehpv.com/.

About D.A.M.L. Inc.

D.A.M.L. Inc. is an exclusive infectious disease laboratory founded by Dr.Siavash Arani, MD. They offer expert treatment of S.T.D.s, especially genital warts, anal warts, and and HPV related epithelial tumor, using their pioneering HPV BCR™ Treatment.

Media Contact:
Name: Siavash Arani, M.D.
Organization: DAML Inc.
Email: DAMLinc90011@gmail
Address: 4524 San Pedro palace, 90011
Phone: 323-231-6000
Website: https://wartsclinic.com/

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