Dhanasekar Sakthivel’s Journey from Nothing to India’s Strongest Aesthetic Bodybuilder Champion

When size, grace, and symmetry comes together, you will see a complete package, and that athlete is called Aesthetic Bodybuilder. India has recently given many world-class aesthetic bodybuilders likes of Anoop Singh, Sangram and now the last name is Dhanasekar Sakthivel. These people are making India proud by participating in various competitions and flying our flag high by winning different bodybuilding titles across the globe.

Dhanasekar Sakthivel comes from Tamil Nadu started gyming very early in last six years he has won every title in which he has participated in bodybuilding. He comes from a modest family, but his family support has always been high, and that support has made him what he is today in his life.

Dhanasekar Sakthivel started with karate from grade 4 to 10. He is a black belt in karate. After that, he became a long-distance runner for some time won many marathons, and Dhanasekar Sakthivel is a national kho kho player. He loves kho kho game more than anything. So sports was always there in his life, and after school, he started bodybuilding and then there is no looking back. Bodybuilding became his life and his so passionate about making a perfect body that this lad is spending hours and hours in the gym to maintain perfection.

Dhanasekar Sakthivel also inspires others to become fit in their life by giving them essential tips and diet charts. He is also a brand ambassador, of international supplements. So if you are a builder looking for an expert or coach you can follow Dhanasekar Sakthivel.

Dhanasekar Sakthivel is also accessible on Instagram, where you can see him updating things and his amazing pictures and even workout videos. His fans are loving his presence on a social media platform.

Dhanasekar Sakthivel’s journey is inspirational if you dream and work hard with dedication; you can achieve anything in life. The best example is Dhanasekar Sakthivel his commitment his years of hard work is paying him dividends, and we hope that he gets more success in his life.

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