Aurora, CO Teen Substance Abuse Prevention & Addiction Treatment Guide Released

The new guide cited maintaining a healthy family environment, finding ways to handle peer pressure, and practicing self-care as some of the effective ways young people can keep addiction at bay and positive ways to prevent drug abuse. The report was released as a complement to the recovery center’s complete alcohol and drug rehab and detox options.

The recently published guide provides teens with actionable steps to maintain a healthy mental and social environment that will help them ward off the temptation of trying recreational drugs. It was published due to the rising addiction cases in the country.

As per the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 19.7 million Americans aged 12 years and older suffer from a drug addiction disorder. Moreover, there are over 100,000 recorded overdose deaths from February 2021 to February 2022.

With facilities in Arizona and outside Denver Colorado, Pathfinders Recovery Centers offer a full array of addiction treatment options using evidence-based methods in all that they do. Their strategies center around showing their clients a path to respectability, trustworthiness, and accountability that will serve them well on the path to long-term recovery.

According to the guide, handling peer pressure is one of the most effective ways of staying away from addiction. Usually, impressionable teens succumb to temptations to fit in with a crowd. It is crucial to find the courage to say no and break away from friends who encourage bad behaviors.

Coping with negative feelings is also essential to preventing substance abuse. Instead of turning to harmful substances to numb emotional pain, the guide recommends safe coping mechanisms such as meditation, journaling, exercise, and communicating their feelings to friends and family.

The guide also cites self-care as a valuable deterrent to addiction. When school and social obligations become overwhelming, taking a break to care for one’s physical and mental health is recommended. Simple activities such as taking a warm bath, reading, getting a massage, and easing off social media can help counteract the need for recreational drugs.

Furthermore, the guide emphasizes that parental involvement is critical to arming the youth against the lure of addiction. Parents should provide their children with a healthy family environment. They can monitor their children’s emotional state by consciously checking in on them and setting foundations for honest and open dialogue.

At their locations in Scottsdale Arizona and Colorado, Pathfinders Recovery Centers offers a wide range of addiction rehabilitation treatments. Their methods focus on teaching their clients the integrity, honesty, responsibility, and respect for hard work that will help them attain a sober life as they transition back to society.

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