April the Giraffe dies at Animal Adventure Park at 20 years of age

April the Giraffe, who enraptured the world during her pregnancy in 2017, has died. She was 20 years of age.

Animal Adventure Park reported her passing on Friday evening, saying that she was euthanized because of deteriorating osteoarthritis found in July 2020.

April’s body was moved to Cornell University Veterinary School where she will be incinerated. Her remaining parts will be gotten back to Animal Adventure Park.

In February 2017, Animal Adventure Park started live streaming April in her pen. tensely anticipating the birth of her calf Tajiri. Expectation worked all throughout the world for a while as individuals hung tight for her to give birth, with the park’s YouTube livestream pulling in 232 million perspectives.

After months of waiting, April gave birth on April 15, 2017, to an infant calf standing 5.75 feet tall and weighing 129 pounds.

Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville released the accompanying articulation on April’s passing.

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