A hot dog condiment made by Pepsi and infused with cola is coming to Detroit’s Comerica Park

DETROIT – – As per the Public Frank and Wiener Chamber, Americans will consume in excess of 150 million sausages on July 4.

But at Comerica Park in Detroit, anyone can add something special to their dog: The world’s first Pepsi-infused condiment was Pepsi Colachup.

Pepsi is collaborating with the Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Arizona Diamondbacks and New York Yankees for selective in-arena examining during the group’s home games. Fans of hot dogs can do so in Detroit in Section 139 of Comerica Park.

Pepsi has long been a part of American culture, and generations of Americans have favored its refreshing, crisp flavor. We have consistently realized that sausages taste better with Pepsi, and presently the specialists suspect as much as well,” said Jenny Danzi, Ranking executive, Pepsi TM.

“We are thrilled to elevate this unparalleled pairing and build on our previous summers’ Better WithPepsi campaigns, when we demonstrated that pizza and burgers go BetterWithPepsi. Pepsi Colachup is an unabashedly mouthwatering creation that seamlessly combines a condiment with the ultimate hot dog pairing beverage, providing a unified taste experience. We invented Pepsi Colachup to demonstrate how well hot dogs and Pepsi go together.

The bizarre condiment was created by Pepsi with assistance from Culinary Institute of America Consulting. Pepsi Colachup highlights the notable sweet, citrusy taste of Pepsi-Cola that can be added straightforwardly onto a sausage.

The idea is original and easy to understand. David Kamen, director of client experience for CIA Consulting, stated, “The distinctive flavors and vibrant citrus blend of Pepsi enhance the bright and tangy characteristics of ketchup, offsetting the smokiness of the hot dog.” Two American classics can now be enjoyed in a whole new light.”

It’s even got the support of Joey Chestnut, broadly viewed as the best aggressive eater ever.

Chestnut, a 15-time hot dog eating champion, stated, “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Pepsi to show America that hot dogs go better with Pepsi.” Individuals may be shocked, yet beyond rivalries I love eating franks at an all the more comfortable speed, and there could be no greater method for eating a wiener – steamed, barbecued, or seared – than with a completely cool and fresh Pepsi.”

During the holiday, fans who are unable to attend the game can still receive a complimentary Pepsi. By texting “FREEPEPSI” to 81234 and uploading a receipt that clearly shows a hot dog and a Pepsi purchase, customers who purchase a hot dog or dogs with a Pepsi at any food service or retail location during the Fourth of July can receive a free Pepsi.

A 20oz Pepsi product will be refunded to customers using a Digital Retailer Gift Card, Venmo, or PayPal.

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