The PolkaStar—From the “Planet” Trade to the “Galaxy” Trade

Half a year after the Polkadot mainnet was launched, known as the “Ethereum Killer,” it immediately ranked among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Its unparalleled capital and technical strength have not only been recognized by developers from all walks of life, but also by investors. Favored, the market reacted strongly. Previously, many industry experts at home and abroad have successively published a lot of opinions on the development direction of blockchain. Among them, there are three points about the summary of cross-chain technology, namely “blockchain interoperability”, “ease of use” and ” Scalability”.

As DeFi (decentralized finance) has exploded from Ethereum with a market value of up to 20 billion U.S. dollars since 2020, and recently BTC has risen to 30,000 U.S. dollars, these three mountains make people urgently need a mature Cross-chain technology, because the market value of DeFi almost only exists in Ethereum, and BTC, which accounts for 66% of the total market value of the blockchain, cannot release its huge vitality.

If we want to connect all the public chains together, instead of isolated islands of information, the hidden wealth behind it can only be exploited with the help of mature cross-chain technology.

Fortunately, in the second half of 2020, the Polkadot ecosystem led by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood has made great progress. The 100-parachain 1000-person verification plan has been completed by 70%, and the Polkadot system has 1.02 billion. DOT is worth about 6 billion U.S. dollars, of which about 3.7 billion U.S. dollars have been staking. In just 6 months, Polkadot has become the largest network pledged by capital value.

Perhaps we can cheer, the real cross-chain era is finally here!

Based on the cross-chain consensus NPOS mechanism, the PolkaStar development team from the United States has embarked on the path of being a strong man from the beginning. When other aggregators are still struggling to find prey on a public chain, they have a rich blockchain PolkaStar, which has experience in investment management, has focused on several public chains and made full use of Polkadot’s native interoperability, which is the most basic structure for arbitrage.

Among all the current blockchains, only PolkaStar has started the aggregation arbitrage on polkadot. Through the parallel chain design, communication coordination, transaction and authentication management are carried out simultaneously to achieve rapid arbitrage.

This is like, from the begining, people can only do business on one planet, and now they can do business on multiple planets without limit. Not only the market has become bigger, the products have increased, and the trade volume has also increased exponentially. The significance of this for ordinary investors is that they can get the maximum profit through an optimal investment portfolio as much as possible.

From a functional point of view, the financial products on the parachain will be the core role of the Polkadot ecology, mainly creating various financial products to enrich the Polkadot ecology and increase the value of the blockchain network, while the fisherman of the PolkaStar is responsible for monitoring the new According to the conditions and constraints of the contract, the most suitable product is selected for nomination, and finally the data is integrated into arbitrage after verification by the smart contract.

The development team of PolkaStar believes that the blockchain should not be a financial game for the minority and elites, but an inclusive finance with the Internet of everything.

At present, there are many decentralized financial products that blockchain investors can choose. Take Staking as an example. Ordinary investors must first reach a higher threshold to participate, and they will often not be able to achieve the best price in subsequent operations. Or the lowest slippage can get more profits, and in the current blockchain world, not only the pledge yield is very low (as low as 4.9%), frequent operations also exploit the income due to the pledger, transaction fees, gas fees, etc. The decrease in value flow caused by it is also the loss of the pledger, which urgently needs a “network” that produces an optimization effect.

So, can the world’s first low-value pledged, automatic interest-bearing PolkaStar cross-chain aggregator change the current situation of investment difficulties and slow financial management for ordinary investors?

Up to now, the number of projects deployed in the Polkadot network is about to reach 300. As the star DeF project among them, PolkaStar has built a complete DeFi operating system based on Polkadot’s Substrate framework. The homogeneous parallel chains in the Polkadot ecosystem can be Directly access the DeFi application in the PolkaStar system, and support PolkaStar’s affiliate tokens and financial primitives through the XCMP inter-chain communication protocol, providing users with more investment opportunities and maximizing the savings income based on the PolkaStar stablecoin.

According to the PolkaStar developer, by connecting to the Polkadot network to become a parachain, the design of the parachain has further improved operational efficiency, improved cross-chain communication problems, and provided investors with more financial project solutions on the chain. Improve operability, so as to obtain more and faster arbitrage opportunities.

PolkaStar aims to provide users with the best source of liquidity. The partnership with the Polkadot ecosystem can accelerate the realization of this goal. Once the PolkaStar-Ethereum bridge is activated, DeFi users will be able to take advantage of PolkaStar’s fast transaction speed and lower The gas cost to complete the transaction.

PolkaStar can be regarded as a fund management company in the traditional financial market. The traditional fund team makes portfolio investment through human judgment to obtain income, while PolkaStar replaces the centralized management team through smart contracts, which is decentralized. In cross-chain financial products, the best and most suitable points are constantly searched for transactions to expand the income, and the income obtained is then distributed to participating investors according to the distribution principle.

PolkaStar uses the fully modular and flexible Substrate tool to mix and match off-the-shelf components and build core business logic, while the rest is left to the framework, which can realize direct communication arbitrage between different blockchains, which is equivalent to entering from a local area network With the Internet, different individuals and regions can be connected to each other until all individuals are connected together, which greatly improves the efficiency of value transfer and truly achieves inclusive finance.

Therefore, the entry threshold of PolkaStar is much lower than that of ordinary DeFi, and the operation is more close to the people. Through PolkaStar’s inter-chain communication scheduling, investors can automatically find the decentralized financial products with the highest yield through established smart contracts and participate in the acquisition of top mines. Profiteering. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the dividends of other chains brought by the PolkaStar cross-chain mechanism, which ensures that the system can discover the process of quickly obtaining arbitrage opportunities in time and strive for more profits for users.

PolkaStar allows rapid information transmission and communication between all parachains. The PolkaStar Communication Bridge monitors the information transmission between all parachains and obtains the fastest prompt; automatic pledge to quickly occupy and pledge the defi project, in fast arbitrage circulation of first ore between each parallel chain. Let the value be realized quickly.

From the perspective of ease of use, in the entire aggregation system, PolkaStar’s main supervision and control object is the financial products on the parachain. These various financial products are used to enrich the Polkadot ecology and increase the value of the blockchain network. The PolkaStar will form an automated financial system that monitors the operation of the latest DeFi system on all chains, communicates and dispatches directly at the right time, and the smart contract will automatically seize the first mining opportunity and automatically carry out mining arbitrage under preset conditions. Use the fastest speed and trading strategy to obtain profits in various DeFi projects.

All of these are circulated on a transparent chain. PolkaStar has built a complete positive circulation system to enable more and more people to participate. The more cross-chain financial networks that PolkaStar enables, such as cross-chain lending and transactions. The more DAPPs such as, liquidity mining, synthetic assets, futures, options, etc. run, the robustness and arbitrage space of the network will be better and greater. This is the guarantee of the prosperity of the entire PolkaStar system, and at the same time fast The network and arbitrage space also ensure the continuous and stable growth of the entire system.

2021 is meant to be the year of cross-chain domination!

The founder of Polkadot hopes to create a more general and abstract model to solve some of the problems in the blockchain industry, with the goal of “Make blockchain great again”. The vision of PolkaStar, which has advantages in technology and ideas, is: “Let blockchain finance radiate vitality!

The first step is PolkaStar to build a decentralized aggregate DeFi arbitrage system, and quickly establish a cross-chain DeFi mortgage interest generation, arbitrage monitoring, and income settlement system.

The Polkadot Galaxy will bring the interoperability of the network to a new level. It will be a brand new cross-chain operating system that supports the cross-chain interaction of other chain DAPP projects. By aggregating various decentralized financial derivatives, it provides a complete operating platform for the entire blockchain network. And create a new ecology. Become a new way of expressing the value flow of blockchain.

As ordinary investment and financial planners and blockchain practitioners, we can also look forward to the different things that PolkaStar developed based on cross-chain technology can bring, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the blockchain. From the ordinary “planet” trade expand to the “galaxy” trade, and finally achieve the real inclusive finance!