The Optimistic Musician: New York City’s DJ Beyond Shares All The Change He Wishes To See For DJ’s

When we hear the word DJ, a person who just parties and plays music day and night comes to the minds of the common folk. Damian Perez Jr., better known as DJ Beyond is among the few exceptions who have set goals in their lives and then strived while achieving them. He still feels that some things need to change for the betterment of experienced and fresh DJs.

 “We need to create better exposure opportunities for the newcomer DJs. Not everyone gets the chances I got while growing up. I know many people who had the passion to become DJs but didn’t have many outlets to go to,” says DJ Beyond. His father, a member of Spanish bands, used to take him to the stage at events. This is where he discovered his interest in music. The DJ was born to a family where music was rejoiced and celebrated.

Damian Perez emphasizes the importance of focus and determination for young people entering the game. “Most young fellas these days want to become rich and successful overnight. It is not how things work. When they don’t get rich or famous in the first couple of years or even months, people often jump ship and go to other careers. This is the main thing I dislike. A sense of determination and responsibility goes a very long way. I didn’t build my company or get brand deals by using any shortcuts,” adds Damian Perez.

The DJ also has an entrepreneurial side and runs BeyondRest Entertainment which he started with a close friend right after completing school. He also got to work with brands such as Puma, Diesel, Pepsi, Presidente Beer, and others.

DJ Beyond holds a vision for experienced DJs as well.

“With the widespread of social media, many DJs think that having a lot of followers is the only form of recognition and appreciation. The problem with this is when they see others with millions of followers and lose spirit. Even established DJs run behind this hype culture. Before all this, you had to prove your worth to get recognized. Even then, sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. It doesn’t mean you lose hope,” says the DJ.

He has come across such events in his life. DJ Beyond is the winner of Best Blend DJ by the Urban Mixx Awards while being nominated for Best Duo & Blend Dj by Justo’s Mixtape Awards.

“DJs must never do anything unethical or unprofessional. It attracts a lot of negative stigma to this profession and makes a bad name for all of us,” he adds in the end.

DJ Beyond has not based his career solely on him being a party starter but also focused on work ethics as well. It seems to be the reason why he also got signed by the label Lo Maximo Productions in 2013.

The DJ has a vision for all those in his field. His plan to accomplish it appears to be leading by example.

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