In a world first, a live parasitic worm was discovered in the brain of an Australian woman.

The first human case of the infection has been reported after a 64-year-old Australian woman’s brain contained a live parasitic worm. The revelation was made by specialists and scientists at the Australian Public College (ANU) and Canberra Clinic after they tracked down a live 8 Continue Reading

According to the report, Central Florida is a hotbed of leprosy

Dr. Rajiv Nathoo performed five or six biopsies on a 54-year-old landscaper who presented to an Orlando dermatology clinic with a splotchy, painful rash. The rash was spreading from the man’s appendages to his face, yet past specialists had been befuddled by the thing was Continue Reading

A Texas man lost his hands and feet recently after a solitary insect nibble

A man from Texas has lost several limbs in the last month as a result of a single flea bite. There are in excess of 2,500 distinct bug species found all over the planet, however simply four are known to seriously influence your wellbeing, as Continue Reading