First Polaris Dawn Mission from SpaceX is Scheduled to Launch After July 30

Polaris Dawn, the first commercial spacewalk mission, has stated that it will launch no sooner than July 31, 2024, therefore it appears to be back on track. The four-person crew of the Dragon spacecraft is expected to go farther from Earth than any mission in Continue Reading

NASAHoping to Repair Starliner Spacecraft, Delaying Astronaut Return

At the International Space Station (ISS), two American astronauts are experiencing delays as engineers work to resolve issues with Boeing’s Starliner aircraft. NASA, the American space agency, and Boeing are working together on the Starliner project. On June 6, the capsule reached the ISS. It Continue Reading

NASA Decides to Continue Testing Starliner Aboard the International Space Station

Before the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft returns to Earth, NASA and Boeing plan to keep it aboard the International Space Station for a minimum of four more days to conduct additional testing of the commercial crew vehicle. NASA reported on June 14 that Starliner, carrying NASA Continue Reading